Daily Habits to Free Yourself from Shame and Restore your Confidence, Courage and Creativity

If you have ever experienced assault, abuse, bullying, a major setback or challenge and you are struggling with the shameful emotions and chaos that comes with a traumatic experience, then I invite you to discover three simple habits that helped me turn my setback into success and my pain into power!

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Do you carry the weight of shame and guilt?

Do you feel embarrassed, humiliated and judged?

Do you worry, ”What are people going to think about you?”

I understand you. I know exactly how you feel.

"Overcoming the emotions of shame, self doubt and fear take Everyday Courage. I'm delighted to share with you the Daily Habits I discovered that have freed me and helped me stand up, speak out, and reclaim my life."

I am Darieth Chisolm an Emmy Award-winning television personality, former NBC News Anchor, author, business visibility and life coach, and I found myself at the very center of a nightmare when I became a victim of revenge porn and cyber sexual abuse. 

During this time, I spiraled into the most unimaginable sense of pain, frustration, anger, isolation, confusion, and heartache. 

My creativity and confidence were crushed. I had to find a way to overcome this. I did and I want to share that healing process with you. 

I call them my 3 Daily Habits and I discovered that to overcome the emotions of shame, self doubt and fear, take Everyday Courage.

When we can release the emotions that hold us hostage we engage a deeper sense of appreciation and ultimately more creativity. The kind of creativity that births world-changing ideas, programs, films, businesses, products, seminars, and other work that has a tremendous impact and resonates deeply with others, uplifting them and igniting their greatness. 

Using these 3 Daily Habits helped me to rise from a very humiliating, painful and potentially damaging incident to create a global movement called 50 Shades of Silence, to bring voice and dignity to victims of cyber harassment.  

Shame is crippling and paralyzing, but it can be a temporary emotion that you can learn to manage and eventually release.

You can find the confidence and courage to start right here, right now. 

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