Are you ready to experience a SHIFT in your healing?


A SHIFT in your mind, body and soul?


A SHIFT in your relationships?


A SHIFT in your money, finances and business?


A SHIFT in your creativity, energy and personal frequency?


A SHIFT in every aspect of your Life?


Attention all seekers of conscious exploration, creative brilliance, and soul-led transformation! If you're a healer, visionary, maverick, artist, or anyone yearning to unlock your true creative power and embark on a journey of boundless possibilities,

this is your calling to SHIFT even higher.

You have the freedom to create any experience you desire.

 Join our tribe of conscious explorers, rebels of the norm, and lovers of all things soulful. Together, we will transcend limitations, ignite your inner genius, and awaken the dormant artist within.

Whether you're an entrepreneur driven by purpose, a storyteller seeking to touch hearts, or a dreamer yearning to manifest your deepest desires, this is your invitation to step into the realm of unlimited potential. masterpiece, and leave an indelible mark on the world.

 Prepare to embrace your unique brilliance, unleash your highest potential, and create a life and legacy that is truly extraordinary. The time has come to rewrite the script, paint your masterpiece, and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Are you ready to answer the call and join our tribe of conscious creative seekers? Together, we will ascend to new levels of creative mastery and embark on an awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation. The adventure awaits!

This is an intimate intensive like nothing

I have ever offered before!

Ignite your transformation in this extraordinary 5-week immersive experience.

Step into a world of limitless possibilities, guided by the fusion of neuroscience, somatic and energetic exercises, spirituality and divine wisdom, and my unparalleled expertise in business and personal development.

Prepare for a journey like no other—a transformative exploration that will push boundaries, challenge limitations, and awaken your highest consciousness. This intimate intensive is designed to unlock your true potential and ignite your path to greatness.

With an exclusive live kick-off gathering, valuable bonuses, and weekly sessions that will leave you craving for more, this experience demands your commitment, your dedication, and your courage to embrace your highest potential.

It's not for the faint of heart, but if you're ready to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and elevate your existence to new heights, then this immersive experience is precisely what you've been waiting for. Will you answer the call?


How you may ask?

You begin by consciously raising your personal vibration and frequency, aligning yourself with what you truly want. And this is only the beginning. The crucial step is to allow it in, which can sometimes be challenging yet oh so transformational!

Now, I know this might sound a bit woo-woo and esoteric, and it is and trust me, it's also practical, accessible, and most importantly, it works!

I believe that the journey of being in higher consciousness begins when you make a deliberate SHIFT from low-vibe, stagnant, and limited energy to a frequency that expands your awareness. This is where you tap into peak performance, heightened creativity, intuitive insights, and a sense of higher consciousness that allows you to effortlessly enter the state of flow.

You've probably heard of the concept of flow before? It's that optimal state of consciousness where you feel and perform at your best. It's like being "in the zone" where your focus becomes so intense that everything else fades away. In this state, action and awareness merge, your sense of self and time dissolve, and you become one with your desired outcomes.

Now, let me be clear. It's not just about knowing that this state exists. It's about generating the feelings and vibrations that match this state in order to attract the results and changes you desire.

So are you ready to Shift?

Shifting allows you to embody, embrace, experience and cultivate what you need in order to deliberately create the outcomes you desire.

Sound good? Great. Read on.

How do I know this? Before I go into it, you might be ready to skip down to the details about how to join this live immersion. Click ENROLL NOW below to cut to the chase.


Unlock the extraordinary power within you as you master your emotions, elevate your vibration, and soar to new heights of personal frequency.

Immerse yourself in the realm of expanded consciousness, where flow states and peak performance become your new norm, and your greater purpose is unveiled and embraced.

Experience the profound transformation that awaits you as you embark on the journey of Shifting. From a mere idea to a published masterpiece, from a single note to a symphony of success, from a concept to a groundbreaking solution, your creative endeavors will be infused with limitless potential and fulfillment.

Unleash your inner writer, artist, or innovator as you tap into the wellspring of creativity and find joy and purpose in every endeavor. From your personal life to your business ventures, experience the magnetic pull of purpose, passion, play, pleasure, and power.

Discover the answers you seek and unlock the secrets to a life filled with purpose, passion, and boundless creative potential. It's time to step into the transformative experience that awaits you and create a reality that surpasses your wildest dreams.

If you've been longing for success in your creative projects, business endeavors, and overall life, and you sense that the key lies just beyond the surface of your current reality, then you're in the right place. Take a moment to absorb every word on this page, for it holds the answers you've been searching for.

Are you grappling with questions like:
- What is my true purpose?
- What lies ahead on my journey?
- How can I infuse more fulfillment, ease, and joy into my life?
- Why am I creating, and how can I align with my deepest desires?

Our soul's purpose is firstly to remember the truth of who we are, and then share that with the world. It is a feeling, rather than a physical thing. It is why we do something, rather than what we do. It can be as simple as smiling at a passer-by in the street, or as grand as trying to save the world. However we express our soul purpose, it is an energetic exchange of giving and receiving that makes us feel a certain way.

The truth is, a profound SHIFT in your consciousness is all it takes to unlock the depths of your purpose, passion, playfulness, pleasure, and power. By intentionally shifting your mindset and embracing deliberate creation, you'll find the answers you seek and so much more. It's time to embark on a transformative journey that will unveil your true potential and guide you toward

a life of extraordinary experiences.


Are you ready to unlock unparalleled success in every facet of your life?

It's time to transcend mere knowledge and tap into the extraordinary power of your emotions, vibrations, and manifestations. Prepare to align yourself fully with your higher consciousness and experience a profound transformation like never before.

Envision this: effortlessly embodying the essence of success, just as you effortlessly draw breath. Success becomes an innate part of your being, flowing through every aspect of your life with grace and ease.

Now, here's the raw truth: achieving true success in your creations goes beyond mere hard work, hustle, and sacrifice, although they have their place. Focusing solely on these aspects can lead to exhaustion, stress, and a deep void of fulfillment. Trust me, I've been there too, surrounded by accolades, riches, and recognition, yet yearning for something deeper, more authentic, and more soul-enriching.

I discovered the missing piece. Allow me to share my own transformative journey and guide you towards an extraordinary path of lasting success and fulfillment. Read on to unveil the power that awaits you.

Let me share a little personal journey with you, a glimpse into my own experiences and perspectives.

Over the years, I've immersed myself in the world of personal development, the law of attraction, neuroscience, metaphysics, and the art of manifestation. I've invested countless dollars in coaches, mentors, programs, books, and yes, even VHS and cassette tapes (I still have a stash of those!).

And you know what? It worked. I applied these principles to my life and business, and the results were astounding. I reached seven figures in my public speaking and storytelling coaching business, embarked on exciting TV and film projects, built two beautiful new homes, and traveled the world. Married and divorced and raised an exceptional young man (If I do say so myself :) )

I was on fire, passionately advocating for the protection of victims of revenge porn and cyberbullying. 

But amidst the whirlwind of success, something shifted within me. I realized that my manifestations were somewhat superficial and lacked depth. I was unknowingly shifting into a state of consciousness that allowed me to create and produce results, but there was a missing piece.

So, I took a pause. I stopped and reflected on my journey, acknowledging the burnout that had crept in and obscured my inner fire. I couldn't quite put my finger on why, but I knew I needed a change. I found myself disengaging from the very things I had built and achieved, yearning for a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

Work became a dreaded word. I craved something that didn't feel like work, something that ignited my soul and brought joy. And so, I embarked on a three-year exploration, diving into personal development, spirituality, soul-searching, conscious communities and much more.

During this transformative period, I coined the acronym C.A.L.M. to define my journey. It stands for Clarity, Alignment, Love, and Momentum. These became my guiding principles as I delved deeper into discovering my true purpose and reclaiming the passion that had once fueled me.

Now, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary path of self-discovery, where you will find the missing piece, unlock your true potential, and create a life of profound meaning and fulfillment. Together, we will navigate the realms of consciousness, manifesting with intention, and embracing the love and the power within.

Until I found CALM. I wasn’t moving a muscle.

As I delved deeper into my personal journey, I confronted my failures, hang-ups, and mistakes head-on. I faced those moments when getting out of bed seemed impossible, and I sought solace in temporary distractions like drinking, eating, and binge-watching Netflix. I battled the voices of fear, worry, and doubt that echoed in my mind. I grappled with the times when honesty eluded me, when I hurt others, and when I refused to confront the messes I had swept under the rug.

It was in this raw and honest exploration of my own experiences that I realized the need for a different approach to life. A conscious approach. With the guidance and support from God, my higher self, my ancestors, mentors, teachers, and gurus, I began to awaken. I immersed myself in sacred ceremonies, meditations, prayers, breathwork, and explored modalities like plant medicine, psychedelics, cannabis, crystals, and sound healing. Each step brought me closer to the ultimate truth:

I was coming home to myself.

This journey isn't about replicating my path or following the same practices. Your journey will be uniquely yours, with its own twists and turns. It's a voyage that leads to the essence of who you are, a return home.

Now, here's the important part: you don't have to go through all that I did to awaken and realize your full potential. You have the power within you, waiting to be activated. I discovered the ability to SHIFT instantly into expanded states of consciousness and create entirely new outcomes for myself. The truth is, I had been doing it all along, but I was unaware of the process.

In fact, I had been teaching my coaching clients these principles without fully grasping their depth and power. They experienced incredible success, and now, armed with a deeper understanding, I want to share this knowledge with you.

I have discovered how to use this process and how it works, and it is my greatest desire to guide you on this transformative journey. Together, we will unlock the potential within you, help you awaken to your true power, and create a life that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible SHIFT?



Your Experience Schedule

During our time together we will encode, embrace, and elevate your frequency and flow so that you can deepen your purpose, ignite your passion, enjoy play and pleasure and increase your personal power to allow and receive more in your life, business and creative projects.

Join us for an exclusive live pre-event session that will set the stage for an incredible transformational journey. This session is exclusively available to those who sign up now during our early bird registration.

During this guided opportunity, you will embark on a powerful journey to reconnect with your greater calling and ignite the flames of passion within you. It's time to unleash your purpose and live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

In this live session, you can expect:

1. Reconnection with your greater calling: Through guided exercises and powerful reflections, you will delve deep into your soul's purpose. Reconnect with your unique mission and tap into the passion that drives you to make a difference in the world.

2. Igniting your passion: Discover the fire within you as you ignite your passion to live your purpose. Unleash the energy and excitement that comes from aligning your actions with your deepest desires and aspirations.

3. Initiating your journey: This session will mark the beginning of your transformative journey. Set your intentions, clarify your goals, and take the first steps towards living your purpose with purposeful action.

By participating in this live pre-event session, you will lay the foundation for a profound shift in your life. You will tap into your inner power, reignite your passion, and take the first steps towards living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to start your journey on the right foot. Sign up now during our early bird registration and secure your spot in this powerful live session. It's time to reconnect, ignite, and initiate your path to living your purpose!

Program Syllabus - Ignite Your Passion and Shift Your Life

Week 2: Igniting Your Passion

In this transformative week, we will dive deep into uncovering and reigniting your passion. Passion is the driving force behind your energy, creativity, excitement, expansion, and purpose. Together, we will explore:

1. Identifying your passions: Discovering what truly lights you up and brings you joy, connecting you to your authentic self.

2. Breaking free from limitations: Releasing old, broken, and stuck patterns, habits, beliefs, and emotions that have been holding you back from fully embracing your passions.

3. Challenging subconscious beliefs: Addressing underlying beliefs and subconscious 'realities' that have limited your potential and constrained your path to passion.

4. Recoding your mindset: Developing a passionate way of being that aligns with your true desires, supporting the outcomes you want to achieve.

By the end of this week, you will experience a profound reset, feeling a newfound sense of passion radiating from within. You will be equipped with the tools and mindset needed to create a life fueled by your passions.


Program Syllabus - Deepening Your Purpose and Shifting into Alignment

Week 3: Igniting Your Purpose

This week is dedicated to exploring and igniting your purpose, the driving force behind your desires and aspirations. Together, we will dive into:

1. Making your purpose non-negotiable: Understanding the importance of committing to your purpose wholeheartedly and making it a non-negotiable aspect of your life.

2. Cultivating an unmistakable way of living: Embracing a fierce and authentic way of being in the world that aligns with your purpose, allowing your true essence to shine.

3. Claiming or reclaiming your spark: Rediscovering the spark within you and reigniting the passion and motivation to begin or start again on your purposeful journey.

4. Dropping resistance and embracing the present moment: Letting go of past limitations and future worries, and fully immersing yourself in the power of now, where your purpose resides.

By the end of this week, you will have a deeper connection with your purpose and a renewed sense of commitment and motivation to pursue it with unwavering dedication.


Program Syllabus - Embracing Play and Pleasure

Week 4: Unleashing the Power of Play and Pleasure

This week, we delve into the transformative realms of play and pleasure, understanding their significance in our lives and how they contribute to our overall well-being and fulfillment. Get ready to embrace the joy and rejuvenation that comes with allowing yourself to play and experience pleasure. Together, we will:

1. Unearth and unleash your unique definition of play and pleasure: We will explore what brings you joy, excitement, and a sense of fulfillment, uncovering activities and experiences that truly resonate with you.

2. Design a new lease on life: We will create a roadmap for infusing more play and pleasure into your daily routines and lifestyle, finding simple and sustainable ways to have fun and feel good.

3. Open your heart to receive: This week, we will cultivate an open and receptive mindset that allows you to fully embrace and welcome play and pleasure into your life, creating space for these experiences to flourish.

4. Embrace the joy of play and pleasure, allowing your soul to revel in the moments of pure enjoyment and fun. It's time to prioritize self-care, create a life filled with delightful experiences, and nurture your inner child.

By the end of this week, you will experience a profound shift in how you approach work, life, and self-care. You will have a newfound appreciation for the importance of play and pleasure, understanding that they are not rewards to be earned but integral parts of a balanced and fulfilling life. Get ready to tap into your inner child, unleash your creativity, and rediscover the joy of simply being and enjoying life.

Program Syllabus - Power not Force

Week 5: Embodying Feminine Power: Flow, Magnetism, and Manifestation

In this empowering week, we will dive deep into the realm of feminine power and learn to shift from force to flow. We will explore the art of manifestation, tapping into the innate power of attraction and magnetism that resides within each of us. Together, we will:

1. Flow with the feminine art of manifestation: Discover the power of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and energy with your desires. Learn practical techniques and mindset shifts to enhance your manifesting abilities and attract what you truly want into your life.

2. Shift into becoming what you are seeking: Understand the transformative power of embodying the qualities and characteristics of your desired outcomes. Through visualization, embodiment practices, and self-reflection, you will step into the version of yourself who has already manifested what you desire.

3. Discover clear, certain, and confident moves to make now and into the future: Identify inspired action steps that align with your desires and propel you forward on your journey. Cultivate a sense of clarity, certainty, and confidence in the decisions and choices you make.

4. Play with the art of allowing: Release resistance, surrender control, and embrace the art of allowing. Learn to trust the universe and have faith in the unfolding of your desires. Practice being in a state of receptivity and openness to receive the abundance and opportunities that come your way.

Throughout this week, you will tap into your innate feminine power and embrace the ease, grace, and flow that come with manifesting from a place of knowing and trust. By aligning with your true nature and embracing the power of attraction, you will invite more of what you want and need into your life effortlessly.


Join Our Online CommUNITY - ENTERMingle, where you can Connect, Collaborate, and Support each other.

As a participant in our program, you will gain exclusive access to our vibrant online ENTERmingle. Engage with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and receive support, all within the course Library. Here's what you can expect:

1. Resource Library: Explore a wealth of valuable resources, including articles, videos, and additional materials that complement the program content. Dive deeper into the topics covered and expand your knowledge and understanding.

2. Collaborative Space: Connect with fellow participants in a safe and welcoming environment. Share your insights, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions. This is a space where you can collaborate, learn from one another, and celebrate each other's successes.

3. Ongoing Access: Enjoy continued access to the CommUNITY even after the program concludes. This means you can stay connected with your newfound friends, continue to share your journey, and support one another as you navigate the shifts and transformations in your life.

4. No Extra Costs: Unlike other platforms or social media groups, our CommUNITY is included as part of the program. You won't need to create separate accounts or pay additional fees. It's our way of fostering a strong sense of belonging and providing ongoing support throughout your journey.

By joining our online ENTERmingle, you'll not only expand your knowledge and understanding but also form meaningful connections with a supportive network of individuals who are on a similar path. Together, we can celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and inspire one another to reach new heights.

Get ready to connect, collaborate, and grow in our thriving online CommUNITY-ENTERmingle. We can't wait to welcome you and witness the powerful transformations that unfold as we come together in this shared journey of personal growth and empowerment.

Here’s the deal…you already have what you have.


Paying attention to what is will only get you more of what is.

You can make a decision right now to join us in SHIFT. And energetically SHIFT right now…AND begin shifting into something new, exciting. It’s making a full on decision to the Universe that you are ready to say YES so that the Universe in response to your commitment WILL SAY YES right back to you.



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