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About Darieth

Darieth has worked in television and media for over 30 years. She is a multiple time Emmy Award winning TV host and interviewer. Darieth served as the prime time news anchor for NBC WPXI in Pittsburgh and hosts the nationally televised and Emmy Award winning show IQSmart Parent at PBS WQED. As an international speaker, TEDx Talk presenter and social justice activist and filmmaker of 50 Shades of Silence, Darieth has received much recognition and praise for her work in media, cyber civil rights and with women entrepreneurs.

Darieth has given over 500 public presentations and has successfully coached hundreds of people worldwide. She travels extensively hosting live events and workshops.


"Darieth Chisolm allowed us inside her world so as to share both her brightest successes as a top journalist and her darkest secrets; the result of cyber-bullying. Her impassioned presentation left us with a feeling that despite any circumstances, truth gives us strength and hope"

Chris Shovlin
Community Engagement Manager / Development Officer – Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center

"At the recent Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center's Martin Luther King event, Darieth Chisolm shared a riveting and personal story of adult bullying. Bullies need to know that we are strong enough to tell the truth and thus not let them win. I hope her brave response is an example to all, so that others who hear of her experience will reach out for help if they find themselves in such an unfortunate situation"

Lauren Bensink
Chief Administrative Officer - Baden Academy

"Darieth Chisholm is a passionate, informed, and engaging speaker. Her ability to integrate her personal story into the theme of our Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and make it relevant ensured that we had one of the most successful events in years. She had the attention of every person in the room and left us with much to think about and act on"

Brian Hayden
Chief Executive Officer – Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

"Darieth was a great addition to an annual program at our school with a focus on professional development. Darieth's depiction of her struggles were a somber reminder of how social media can be abused and how many innocent people fall victim to cyber-sex crimes. More inspiring, though, was her story of not just overcoming such adversity but becoming a key advocate in the fight against these crimes. Our attendees left with an increased knowledge of criminal cyber activity that plagues today's society and with a sense of confidence in recognizing, reporting, and taking action against it."

Dr. Lindsay Rodgers
Principal - Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

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