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I’ve heard so many stories about how much weight people have gained over the last year. The stress, worry, and challenges of lockdown and quarantine during Covid-19 has resulted in extra weight, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits and may have set us up for additional health challenges in the future.


I, like many people, packed on the dreaded 19+ pounds during Covid-19 and HAD been struggling for many months to lose weight.


And while the struggle is real... it doesn’t have to be...


Watch the DISCUSSIONS to learn how we are losing weight and getting ready for spring and summer 2021 together!


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  1. Why diets don’t work

  2. How food restriction is not the answer to weight loss

  3. What behaviors you need to adopt now to be successful

  4. When belonging to a community can help you reach your goals faster

  5. Why more exercise is not the solution

And just so you know...(full disclosure...it’s no secret...) it’s the same habits I’ve adopted to help me lose over 30 pounds in less than 3 months, gain more energy and clarity and sleep much better.

Join me and my co-host Certified Health Coach Laura Gaffney with our special guests as we discuss the healthy habits they are doing that have transformed their bodies and their lives (plus ours too!)


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Becky Mauk

"My name is Becky, I have lost about 26lbs since starting the program in April. I feel amazing and so energized to keep going to lose the next 20lbs. Before Optavia, my habits were poor and I had very little motivation to change, until I discovered the small habits I make on a daily basis that will give me forever results."

Deborah Babridge

At 71 years old I suffer from severe COPD. Never did I associate my bad diet to the increased inflammation that exacerbates the symptoms of this disease. But after witnessing the total transformational 40 lb weight loss of my COACH (my daughter Darieth) I made the decision to commit.

The day before I began my journey, I weighed in at 199.6 lbs.

This program is the most effortless weight loss program I have ever witnessed. It is simple to follow and maintain. It forces the body into a natural fat burning state. I am never hungry.

My breathing and energy level have improved immensely. I mentioned the program to my Pulmonologist and he said “Whatever you are doing it is definitely helping. So please keep it going”.

In 3.5 months I have lost 27 lbs and 24 inches. Mostly in my thighs and upper arms.
And, my belt buckle decreased by 4 holes. All of this is without exercising.

Mia LaMotte

"This first photo was at my 50th Birthday dinner with my family. I did not want to take the photo as you might be able to tell from my face. I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life and standing next to my tiny niece made me feel even worse. I knew I'd be wearing black for the occasion because it was all I had in my closet that would fit. I'd like to say that after seeing myself in these photos, I changed. Not so fast. I wanted to experience the holidays and some of the new year in misery as well. LOL. in January after a trip with Darieth, I decided that I was no longer going to be unhealthy and hate the way I look.

I am now down 27 lbs. I haven't done this program perfectly, but I'm sure glad that the woman in the before photo no longer exists."

Brynna Shoob

"I am ready to say goodbye to the YOYO diet and create new life habits and mindset changes instead! In just my first few weeks on this weight loss program, my 5'2 frame released 10+ inches and 5+ lbs! And it was so easy!! I don't even cook! I am so grateful for the community and the support.  I am not a woman who does well alone on an island- so the fact that I found out that other people that are in my sphere - completely unconnected- are doing this plan too...blows my mind! I love the coupling of mind/body/spirit= HEALTH AND HABIT!"

Shannah Gilliam

"This weight loss program has been a game-changer for me. Over the years, I have dieted, gained, lost, regained, and given up too many times to count. But it was the combination of the ease of the program and my coach, Darieth that is making Optavia different than my past efforts. I still have a ways to go. But I feel like I have a strategy and a plan that work!"

April Dodd

"I have the kind of body that can mostly hide extra weight and fat, so the only real judgments were coming from me...all me. I’d been trying what I always had as a runner, with heavy exercise and certain fads and ways of eating, except having newly turned 50, I wasn’t getting the same results anymore. I was gaining both in weight and in frustration, feeling defeated without any possible routes out.

Until I saw Darieth’s photo.

Darieth and Laura have been instrumental in guiding me and believing in both me and this program! I’ve lost 12 lbs in 2.5 months, and am approaching my pre-motherhood weight!

I feel great, my energy is high, and so is my confidence. I love wearing clothes I couldn’t before and buying new clothes to fit my new form, and more importantly I love knowing I really can declare and create the life and health I want to live."

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Darieth Chisolm

You might already know that I’m a certified life and business coach teaching women worldwide how to use their stories to create six-figure incomes.

I’ve collected a few Emmy’s for my work as TV Host and former NBC News anchor.

I produced and directed an award-winning documentary and launched a global social justice project called 50 Shades of Silence to fight cyberbullying and Revenge Porn.

I love public speaking and have graced over 600 stages and a couple of TEDx’s stages too.

I published a book called Hustle: Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions.

Plus these days I spend time trekking across the country looking for stories about innovation, science, and technology as a National TV Correspondent with Tomorrow’s World Today on the Science and Discovery Channels and Amazon Prime Video.

But did you know I also...

Created, owned and operated Fullbody Fitness Club, an aerial fitness studio with 16 employees where we taught pole dancing, aerial silks, lyra, aerial yoga, and several group x programs. I also inked a deal with Reebok and Cirque du Soleil to bring Jukari Fit to Fly and Fit to Flex to the United States.

I completed 1 full marathon, two half marathon's and several road races.

I became the 57th highest paid team leader and distributor out of 70,000 other marketers.

And I'm the proud mom of a 25 year of young man who is the light and joy of my world!

Laura Gaffney

Health & Wellness professional for 20 years.  Certified Independent Health Coach. Wife & Mom of 3. International Speaker.  Once struggling in her own health with addiction and broken in her finances, Laura made the decision to change her life. 

After nearly two decades of running their own fitness center, Laura & her husband, Bob, finally found a vehicle that had the potential to give them 100% freedom.  Laura’s vision is to share this simple system for affecting change in the world while creating abundance with anyone who is open, curious and hungry for more! And, to empower them to become the dominant force in their lives.