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Darieth Chisolm


I am Darieth Chisolm: A Catalyst for Transformation and Conscious Entrepreneur.

My journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From my early steps as a celebrated TV News Anchor, receiving multiple Emmy awards, to becoming a trailblazer in the network marketing industry, I have consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to manifest my dreams.

But it was during the darkest chapter of my life that my true strength emerged. I became a victim of cyber sexual assault, thrust into a nightmarish world of threats, isolation, and an antiquated justice system that seemed ill-equipped to protect survivors like me. Yet, from the depths of this harrowing ordeal, I rose as an unyielding advocate and healer.

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Meditation, stillness and quieting the mind allows you to access more of who and what you truly are and tap into more creative expression.


Access these high frequency activations to encode, embrace, and elevate your consciousness and ignite your creativity and passion.


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Introducing The Way of The Healer Conversations for Change Podcast

On The Way of the Healer Podcast and Docuseries, Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Filmmaker, Life and Business Coach Darieth Chisolm, takes you on a mystical, scientific and spiritual journey into the world of plant and ancestral medicines, Psychedelics, Cannabis, Consciousness and alternative healing modalities. She and her guest will reveal how these often misrepresented and powerful medicines have a huge impact on our mental, emotional, physical wellbeing and ability to heal.


Darieth is committed to sharing the voices and stories of women, LGBTQIA, Indigenous Healers and those who are shaping the future of holistic, alternative, and nonmedical practices by providing a safe setting where they can give diverse perspectives & unique experiences.This docuseries, with the inclusion of other interviews on YouTube and in the documentary, will also include in-depth interviews with shamans, practitioners, researchers, physicians, psychotherapists, and others in the health, pharmacology, and entheogenic communities.

You will learn about the safety, efficacy, legalization, decriminalization and commercialization in the emergence of this psychedelic renaissance. We will explore widening topics of consciousness, opportunities in the fields of psychedelics and plant medicine. And you will be able to connect with a growing community where partnerships, education, mentorship, opportunities, resources, & friendships are encouraged and shared.

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Are you yearning to step into your true potential, break free from limitations, and experience the extraordinary freedom of creation in both your personal life, creative projects and business ventures?

Fantastic, let’s explore how private one-on-one coaching with me can guide you towards a life of profound freedom, fulfillment and success.

Drawing from the depths of my personal journey, I have crafted a coaching experience that goes beyond the surface. I know what it's like to reach the pinnacle of success, only to realize there was a missing piece, a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Through my transformative exploration, I discovered the C.A.L.M approach—Clarity, Alignment, Love, and Momentum—unleashing the true power within me and within others that I am playing and creating with! (I don’t use the word work)

In this soul-stirring private coaching experience, we will dive into your innermost desires, breaking free from doubts and fears that may have held you back. Through sacred practices, meditation, and introspection, we will awaken the powerful creator that lies within you. Together, we will navigate the realms of consciousness, unlocking your potential to manifest with intention, ease and grace.

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