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Darieth Chisolm


Hello, I’m Darieth and I’m excited you found me and my website. I’m an Emmy Award Winning TV Host, 30 Year TV News Anchor and Life & Business coach specializing in helping my clients get seen, get heard and get paid. I’m an international speaker, TEDx Talk presenter, author, video podcaster. I'm also an award winning filmmaker and founder of 50 Shades of Silence, a social global justice project giving voice and dignity to victims of cyber harassment and revenge porn.

I’m dedicated to helping people design the life and business of their dreams.

Want to know how all of this came to be? You can click below to read more about me, but suffice to say, I’m an avid, soulful creator who enjoys reading, writing, producing and hosting a few TV shows. I also spend a great deal of time creating and selling a few digital products, educational retreats and programs and running a one stop membership site for authors, speakers and coaches who want to Speak. Serve and Soar.

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Turn your story into a stage-worthy, money-making machine that captivates the crowd, grows your business and has event organizers scrambling to have you Keynote their next big event!

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I am forever in inspired by the hustle and heart of a successful entrepreneur. I mean, come on, what does it take to really live a fulfilled life with lots of joy, happiness, wealth, impact and influence? I went in search of this and wrote a book Hustle! Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions. I even created a video podcast series Hustle & Heart TV on iTunes and YouTube. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in coaching, mentors, books, seminars etc. All to better equip myself and my coaching clients with the tools to live their most empowered lives. I’m not sure how you found me but I’m really glad you’re here.

This website is full of resources and ideas that can help you design the life and business of your dreams. Especially if those dreams include plans to be an influencer, a speaker, host your own workshops and live events or grow your business through various multi media channels, podcasting, print publications, on stage, on camera and in the media.

You might instead, be the entrepreneur who’s looking to connect one on one with a life and business coach who can help you unleash your highest potential, unlock your hidden super powers or grow your empire. I’m here for you too. You can read more about ways you can work with me.

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If you’re looking for someone who is passionate, engaging, relatable and deeply focused on the topics of motivation and change, that’s me. My message stems from courage, conviction and action. If you are looking for a speaker who can Emcee or host your event, empower and motivate your audience or keenly connect and educate a few leaders and decision makers, I'm here for you. I’m happy to talk about how I can help make your event a success.

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