So let's talk about...

the change makers, risk takers, the brave and the bold going for what they want and achieving greatness and success.

Perhaps, you too are intrigued by their rise to fame, the attention, their popularity and how the public seems to adore them.

And what do you know about them?

Their story.

So you think, "wait a minute, I’ve got a great story, a powerful brand, an important mission and life changing business, how do I get the publicity, notoriety and fanfare they have?"

As a visibility and business coach, I work with people everyday who have great stories that can truly make a difference, but it’s like a tree falling in the forest, nobody ever gets to see it, hear it or feel it's impact.

You can’t be a best kept secret and impact the lives of others on a grand scale.

Because a great story, with no action plan equals no results.

If you want to make a living from speaking on stage then what matters most is what you do... Offstage. 


Your questions may be...


Where do I start?

How can I get the publicity, media attention, traction that I desire?

How do I leverage my story for more exposure?

What are the steps to take to get get booked at major conferences and events?

Can I present my message globally?

I can tell you this.

 No vision -- no results

 No strategy --- no results

 No structure --- no results

 No roadmap-- no results

 No decision -- no results

I’ve been here, I know without a vision, strategy, structure, roadmap and a decision, you are destined for failure.

by relying only on the strength of my story, I failed in my attempts to build a successful business.

It wasn't that my story failed to be inspiring and impactful. It was because I lacked vision, strategy, structure, a roadmap and I was slow to make important decisions.

Sure, from an outsiders perspective I had all the elements to be successful. I was on TV and in media for 30+ years, had been honored for my work, and yet STILL struggled to make a living as a public speaker.

Still without a solid vision, strategy, structure, roadmap and a decisions in place. I had not mastered the Business of Storytelling.

That’s all changed now, I’ve added important primary pieces to grow my business and make a larger impact doing the work that I love doing.

If taking your story to a whole new level and making big money doing it is what you want to do, then I’m here to assist you.

You’ll need a vision, strategy, structure, a roadmap and the ability to make quick and sound decisions.

I’ve helped my clients to get massive results and I’m happy to help you get what’s next for you.

Your first decision is simple.

Make a decision to attend this exclusive live workshop and retreat.

Offstage: The Business of Storytelling

A unique, luxurious and life changing live workshop and retreat March 13- 15th, 2020. This intimate event is for women who are ready to leverage their signature story and learn the business of storytelling hosted by 2X Emmy Award winning TV Host, TEDx and International Speaker, Filmmaker, and Visibility Coach Darieth Chisolm.

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 How serious are you about your success?
 How badly do you want to share your story and make an impact?
 Whose life will not change or be afforded the opportunity to change, because you didn’t take your message to a larger stage?
 When are you going to give yourself permission to really have the life and the business of your dreams?

 What decisions are you prepared to make to make this all possible?

You can make history or you can be forgotten, but you can’t do both.

You can do this!

You know you were born to soar, to live a beautiful and extraordinary life.

You know you are here, on this planet, to inspire people with your message.

You too, want to rock high profile stages like TED, be featured on TV, Radio, Podcasts and in media publications, with the sheer goal of making a difference in the world.

Public speaking is the door that opens all those opportunities and more.


I’m inviting you through my door and onto my stage to work closely with me! 


Click the video below to take the tour and see what's waiting for you at this Workshop and Retreat 


Let me tell you more about this incredible event...


Be one of just a handful of women who will join me for this intimate, upscale, two day in-person workshop and retreat at Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club and in partnership with Homewood Suites.


At the workshop and retreat, you will :

  • Map out your publicity roadmap and media campaign
  • Outline the structure, systems and supports to create the kind of visibility and exposure to grow your business and your brand.
  • Develop a personalized and targeted speaking event prospecting system

Offstage: The Business of Storytelling 

Friday, Sat & Sun

March 13th - 15th, 2020

Friday | Relax, spa, shop, go to the beach or photo shoot

Saturday | Master the Business of Storytelling

  • You’ll learn how sharing your most authentic story and message can inspire thousands
  • Outline the structure, systems and support you need to create the kind of visibility and exposure to grow your business and plan
  • Develop a personalized and targeted speaking event prospecting system
  • Product and program development and selling from the stage

Sunday | Your Speaker Publicity Plan

  • Build your body of work. Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Channel, Books, Programs, Events, Tele-summits, etc.
  • Develop your ideal media list, all the media you dream to be featured on  and in.
  • PR like a pro
  • Your 90 day action plan

Hear what Tawana has to say about attending a retreat with Darieth


High level coaching and mentoring

based on what's specifically needed for you to uplevel, own the stage and impact the world.

Speaker Toolkit

Examples of contracts, speaker sheets, media kits, press examples and more. Plus what to do before, during and after an event

Vibrant Community

of high vibe women to connect and collaborate with for a lifetime!

Training from leading experts

Learn from the industry's best at helping you get seen, get heard and get paid

Strategy Plan

on next steps to start and grow your speaking business

And when you take action now and book early for the Business of Storytelling Retreat, you get these bonuses...


Bonus #1


The speaker toolkit.

Contracts, examples of speakers sheets, media kits, press examples and more. Event planning checklist. Plus an A to Z list of tools and resources that every speaker needs to grow her business.


Bonus #2

You also get three month's of free access to the exclusive membership club. Speak. Serve. Soar

A private membership and exclusive community filled with expert training and information from world class leaders who will help you learn exciting ways to grow your business.

Speak. Serve. Soar List of  Trainers


Ready to join us?

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Accepting applications from 10 women only.


So one more time let me review the retreat….

(in my "OMG you can’t pass on this amazing opportunity voice!")


What’s included:

 Welcome packet to get you started, workbook at the retreat and online resources & tools.

During The Live Event

 Transportation to and from the airport and hotel and to and from Miromar Lakes

 Full breakfast each morning at the hotel

 Sunset boat cruise and champagne toast Saturday Night

After the event

 A vibrant community of high vibe women to connect and collaborate with for a lifetime!

 Ongoing support and accountability from Darieth (with contracted private coaching)

What's not included

 Airfare to Ft. Myers Airport  and hotel accommodations at Homewood Suites  (Room rates starting at $111) 

 Spa Treatments and resort amenities.

How this retreat changed their lives...

Hear what Melanie and Kim shared about their retreat experience


This kind of personalized, intimate and world class training would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, (not to mention a ton of stress and all the headaches that come from trying to do it on your own).

The total cost and value is $10,000

Business of Storytelling Retreat & Program price $4,000.

 Pay in Full $3,500 and Save $500


Hold your spot for $1,000 and make 3 payments of $1,000


Book now for March 13th- 15th and get special limited time bonuses. 

Accepting applications from 10 women only.

Pay in Full Early Bird Discount expires September 30th. Save $500 when you book now.

Business of Storytelling Retreat


Book now to ensure your spot only 10 spaces available.

Two days of LIVE in person training at the workshop and retreat.

PLUS BONUS! 3 months membership access to Speak. Serve. Soar


Book Retreat

Business of Storytelling Retreat

$1,000 and Make 3 payments of $1,000

Be sure to book now.

Two days of LIVE in person training at the workshop and retreat.

PLUS BONUS! 3 months membership access to Speak. Serve. Soar 

Hold Your Spot

Busy the weekend of the retreat, but you know that you have to do this?


I've scheduled a SAVE THE DATE for the next retreat for MARCH 13- 15th, 2020.

Go ahead and book a call below to get all the details and have your questions answered.

I'm also inviting you to sign up for the waitlist and you'll receive a backstage pass to join me behind the curtain for all of the details of building an international speaking business.


Sign me up for Backstage with Darieth and let me know about upcoming retreats!

Disappearing Fast Action Bonus. Professional Branding Photos

Get your branding photos during your stay and use your photos for your one page, media kit, website, social media etc. 

Your upgrade at the time of checkout includes:

One hour photo shoot with 10  professional lifestyle photos and two changes of clothing.

A professional branding and styling session.

Professional hair & makeup stylist (Separate)

$500  ($1,200 Value)

If you know this is right for you,

that you deserve this and that making your speaking dreams come true is a non negotiable, then apply now.

This will be an exclusive, luxury experience tailored for and limited to a few women who are ready to step into the spotlight, make an impact and take their speaking business to the next level.

If you are ready to play a bigger game,

if you see inspiring audiences worldwide and being empowered from a place of all out knowing and confidence while enjoying a luxurious, feminine space, in the presence of a woman who has built a 30 year career around visibility, public service and public appearances, then take action today.

This program, community and experience is for you.

I’m thrilled to host you in the beautiful and tropical setting of Miromar Lakes and make support you in creating a life and speaking business of your dreams, a reality!



Need to get your questions answered before choosing your best option?


Schedule a call with Darieth before disappearing bonuses expire.


I'm ready to speak with Darieth!

Sure, I've given over 500 public presentations to date, but when I think back to the first time I stood on stage and in front of an audience, I could barely keep my nerves.

Even though I've spent over 30 years in media and television, as a former NBC news anchor, multiple Emmy Award Winning TV Host, 2x TEDx Speaker and traveling internationally to speak at and host live events and retreats as an empowerment and visibility coach, those early days on stage and in my speaking business did not come easy. I’m also an activist and filmmaker advocating to give voice and dignity to victims of revenge porn and cyber harassment in a global movement that I founded called 50 Shades of Silence.

I’ve been featured on Dr. Oz. The Megyn Kelly Today Show, Fox News, NBC, CBS, PBS, Health Magazine, Inspiring Lives Magazine and various newspapers, radio and podcast shows.

I want to help as many women as possible get the tools and skills they need to get their message out so that they can live their life's purpose.


"Working with Darieth has been an absolute dream. I have worked with Darieth, for over two years, in the scope of personal coaching, visibility, media mentorship and branding. I can confidently say that because of my work with Darieth I have been catapulted to the top. My children's book series has garnered several awards and sales have soared. Based on visibility coaching, my children and I were invited to creative meetings at the Walt Disney Animation studios in Burbank, CA, have partnered with Sesame Workshop's U.S. Social Impact Team, and I was recently presented with Pittsburgh Magazine's 40 Under 40 award. I was also named as an Inspiring Women in Philanthropy award winner, through Inspiring Lives magazine, and a Socially Conscious Fashionista by the Real Beauty, Real Women Foundation, out of over 50,000 applicants. I have been featured in podcasts, countless print articles, and television promos. Yes, I work hard. Yes, I grind. But, the lessons, skills, and knowledge from Darieth have been invaluable and I credit her and her coaching skills with all of my successes."

Brianne Mitchell

"When I fortuitously came across Darieth online in an interview with another lady, when she offered a free clarity session at the end, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I knew even before connecting with her on the call that I wanted to work with her. That was how compelling her energy was to me. I have loved working one to one in a business coaching capacity with Darieth. I opted to work with her over a twelve month period as knew it symbolised so much for me and my own intention to grow personally and professionally. She always has excellent advice, no matter what topic I choose to start on, be it around growing my mailing list, creating a clear branding image through logo and website or strategies to just help get things done, for example completing my first book. Her advice is both practical and insightful with plenty of genuine encouragement along the way. I have learned so much more around visibility including exploring podcasting and YouTube shoots. I highly recommend Darieth. She is a gem of a human being."

Ciara Jean Roberts

"I am a media professional living in Pittsburgh. I have looked up to Darieth for many years as I saw her professionalism and passion come through my television every week. Over the years she has become such a wonderful mentor and teacher. Recently I worked with her on a media project. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew how I felt but she made my project come to life! She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process but very transparent and honest in her feedback. She listened, We practiced, I was ready! I would recommend Darieth for any type of media project, story or speaking engagement that you have to execute. She will not let you fail. "

Michelyn Tari

"It's so hard to believe that Darieth & I spent a day of one-on-one coaching together 4 years ago! I walked in expecting to refine, define & redesign my podcast, yet I walked away with so much more! Darieth's approach is authentic, as she utilizes her personal & professional successes to guide you on the path toward your destiny. I strongly encourage you to invest in yourself by reaching out to Darieth for her coaching expertise! She helped me take a hobby & turn it into a profitable & impactful business while helping me to look inward as I discover my purpose! Thank you, Darieth!!!"

Denise LaRosa

"Where do I start? If you are looking for a speaker that is able to connect, inspire, motivate and educate your audience, I would HIGHLY recommend Darieth Chisolm. As the President and organizer of the Pittsburgh Business Show, not only did she take the time to learn about our show and our vision, she was instrumental in delivering a message that was invaluable to business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We are looking forward to having her at our Annual show for years to come."

Linda Jo Thornberg
President, Pittsburgh Business Show

"Darieth brings a practical and refreshing message to life woven through with personal and real stories. Her questions continue to resonate with me and came at a pivotal point in my journey; awakening a boldness and confidence I thought was lost. God has uniquely gifted Darieth and I am grateful for the divine connection. "

Kim Eubanks
Denver Women’s Ministry Taskforce for Prayer

"Darieth was the perfect addition to our inaugural women's empowerment luncheon. She found a way to connect with every woman in the room. We all left excited for the future and motivated for change. She uses her life experiences, not to brag or boast, but to help build others. We couldn't have asked for a better message."

Danielle Parson
Professional Women’s Network (PWN)

"Darieth is an engaging and inspiring speaker, and her message resonated with our customers. She and her team are a pleasure to work with and were incredibly responsive, attentive, and accommodating."

Daniel Hensley
Adult Programming Coordinator for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

"Darieth Chisolm recently served as the keynote speaker of our Women of Excellence event, which honors area women who are making positive impacts in their professions and communities. Ms. Chisolm’s delivery was effective, and left the honorees, as well as guests, feeling inspired and motivated to achieve their professional hopes and “dreams.” She provided informational tips to help them move to the next level. She was exceptional and we will invite her back again."

Rod Doss
New Pittsburgh Courier

"Bringing years of broadcast journalism experience with her, Darieth knows how to deliver a powerful message that gets her audience to sit up and pay attention. Serving as Community College of Beaver County’s 2015 Commencement speaker, she led our graduates on a journey that was both poignant, motivating, and challenging. It was just what they needed to hear."

Leslie Tennant
Executive Director of Marketing, Community Relations, and Advancement Community College of Beaver County

"Darieth Chisolm is a dynamic and passionate speaker. By bringing her own experiences and charismatic personality into presentations, she is able to successfully engage new and budding entrepreneurs of all ages. Participants showed enthusiasm to overcome barriers in their lives and jump-start creative, profitable businesses. It was especially rewarding to observe local students become more confident and inspired to launch their own successful enterprises. Darieth's popular, interactive workshop and her energizing personality have created a loyal Cleveland following."

Shayna Muckerheide, MLIS
Adult Outreach & Programming Coordinator, Cleveland Public Library

"Many, many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to students, faculty, staff and administrators at CCAC's North Campus! We greatly appreciate the information you shared with us and realize that it must be very difficult to recount the abuse you have endured and continue to endure. Your message is an extremely important one, and we can think of no better recipients than our young people, who are tech-savvy but perhaps naive to the possible dangers. By sharing your experience, you may have prevented one more person from being victimized. In addition, the positive messages of courage, confidence, self-esteem and self-determination cannot be understated, especially for this population who are at an important crossroads in their lives. You are an excellent and captivating speaker, evidenced by the immediately rapt audience and the numerous questions that ensued. We have heard nothing but praise and accolades from those who attended. We wish you all the best as you work on your documentary and continue your public speaking. We will follow your progress with interest. Thank you again!"

Allison Caveglia Barash and Anne Louise Dailey
Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology, The Office of Student Life, The Well-Being and Safety Education Team

"When I first heard Darieth speak, I was immediately struck by her bravery for coming forward to talk about her story and experience. I was even more impressed when she created 50 shades of silence, a call to action to mobilize others who had been victim of revenge porn. Yes she is an inspiring speaker but she is so much more. She is hope to so many who are suffering in silence. She is leading the way to give justice to those who have been wronged. She is a true change-maker. It was an honor to have her come to Massachusetts to have a difficult conversation with parents, students, legislators, superintendents, and community leaders about revenge porn and teen sexting. The MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women looks forward to working with Darieth in advocacy to pass legislation to help teens and victims."

Ceylan Rowe
Chair, MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women

"Before attending Darieth's See & be Seen Workshop I was Ms. Procrastinator Perfectionist. One of the key things that I took away was the that done is better than perfect! . Darieth encouraged us to keep moving even if it is not perfect! We need to stay in motion to see progress. We discussed charting our course and staying balanced and remain focused on our end result! Darieth gives you an opportunity to discuss your business in detail and receive advice from someone who knows what she is talking about!"

Nicole Berry
Natural Body Blends

"I have been coaching with Darieth and have found her to be knowledgeable, helpful and extremely patient. Darieth has walked me step by step through the process of online media options. If you are technologically challenged or if you need help in crafting your content for your message Darieth is the perfect person to call. She helped me create a solid marketing plan for the launch of my podcast and increased visibility."

Carol A. Briney
Speaker, Author, Podcaster

"It's not everyday someone says... "Let me see how many people I can impact , who will then impact others!" The time and techniques you employed required me to actually not just use vision to "see" the desires of my heart, you then used skillful techniques to pull these thoughts out of my head onto paper and into action. Your attention to detail is priceless, you are laser focused on every aspect of "the big picture and I'm getting major results from working with you!"

Veron Bailey
Coach, Author, Speaker


I'm so pleased that you're here and taking this step towards designing your signature speech, stepping into the spotlight and making an impact! 

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