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You may feel like you’re going in circles trying to make things work, yet you’re still not getting the results you want.

You’ve got the feeling that if you were focused on the right steps, you’d be golden - but with all the advice out there… you don’t know which way is up.

I’d LOVE to help you get things straightened out, so you can build a successful business.

Speak. Serve. Soar. Private Membership Club is now open for enrollment and as you’ve landed here, my guess is that you want to find out more so all the information you need is below.

I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs see HUGE results in their business and I’d love to help you too. No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join us and let’s make this your most successful year yet.

Welcome, I'm Darieth Chisolm!

I'm an Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Author, TEDx Speaker,  Empowerment & Visibility Coach, Multimedia Strategist

I love helping entrepreneurs find more ways to get seen, get heard and get paid. I've devoted my life as a coach and speaker to serving people who are passionate about their mission, business and dreams. If you've been following me, then you know that I am more than just another face on TV with multiple Emmy's, 30 years of TV news experience and decades of show productions under my belt.

I also know how confusing and overwhelming this whole entrepreneurial journey can be. That's why I created this special membership community.

What You'll Get Each Month

Speak. Serve. Soar is your one-stop online shop for education, connection, inspiration, & short course trainings that you have 24/7 access too.

In this private online membership community you’ll get expert trainers providing you with content, information and support to keep you focused on and working towards your business goals. This online hub will save you time from searching the internet for the next right steps or spend thousands of dollars on multiple different courses.

Live Q&A calls 

Get your most pressing questions answered and needs met

Short Courses

Step by step lessons on how to start, grow and expand your business and brand


Thoughtfully constructed templates, guides, tools and checklists to save you time and implementation

Guest Experts

Accelerate your implementation by learning from the professionals

Supportive Community

Stay connected online and benefit from the creative, connected group

Sneak peek inside
Guest Experts & Instructors

We are always adding to our full slate of speakers, but here’s just a sample of who’s already on board. 

 Is this right for you?

We have members from all over the world! 

Coaches ● Consultants ● Speakers ● Authors ● Course creators ● Copywriters

Event planners ● PR specialists ● Salon owners ● Photographers & Videographers  ● Direct sales Service-based businesses ● Physical product-based businesses ● Stylists ● Yoga teachers

Makeup artists ● Fashion designers ● Health & wellness coaches ● Healers & mediums

Spiritual life coaches ● Accountants ● Network Marketers

Any business owner who wants to increase their visibility and get seen, get heard & get paid!

What We'll Cover

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*Non-refundable cancellation policy after 14 days. This includes the trial period, so refunds are only granted within 7 days of the annual payment, which is processed on the 8th day after joining.

What members have to say...

"Darieth's Workshop Formula is simple and powerful. It's helped me grow my own business as a public speaking and storytelling coach for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and CEO's. If you're looking to serve more people and highlight your expertise, this is for you. I highly recommend you follow Darieth's formula for yourself, you will be thrilled at the results!"

Bofta Yimam
Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Coach & Speaker

"The time and techniques you employ in your training and information has allowed me to "see" the desires of my heart. Somehow with your skillful techniques to pull these thoughts out of my head onto paper and into action, I'm now well on my to marketing myself as a speaker and woman of influence. Your attention to detail is priceless, you are laser focused on every aspect of "the big picture and I'm getting major results from working with you!"

Veron Bailey
Coach, Author, Speaker

"I have been coaching with Darieth and have found her to be knowledgeable, helpful and extremely patient. Darieth has walked me step by step through the process. If you are technologically challenged or if you need help in crafting your content for your message, Darieth is the perfect person to work with. Her program has helped me create a solid marketing plan and I increased my visibility."

Carol A. Briney
Speaker, Author, Podcaster


You may cancel your monthly membership at anytime.

Annual membership has a 14 day refund period.


You may pay monthly at $49/month or receive two months free and join for a year at $499/yr.

Every month on or about the date that you purchased unless you've purchased an annual membership.

Just email [email protected] to cancel your membership. Once you cancel, you will not have access to the membership website or the Facebook group at the end of your last billing cycle.

Yearly memberships have a 14-day trial period. You may cancel and receive a refund during the first 14 days.

You retain access while your subscription is active. When you cancel, you'll lose access to the membership site and its contents including short courses and call replays (video content) at the end of your last billing cycle. You'll also be removed from the Facebook group. We encourage you to download guidebooks and other downloadable materials as you navigate the membership for you to keep these resources.

Live Coaching calls with Darieth will typically be held at 1pm Eastern time on the first Monday of the month.

Short courses will be released on the 15th of each month.

Follow-up Q&A calls with expert instructors will be held one evening, generally 7 pm Eastern on the last day of the month or nearest evening to the end of the month, excluding weekends.

These dates and times are subject to change. You will be notified.

At times, the membership will be closed in order for us to be present and focused on serving existing members.

We welcome previous members back at anytime. If you've cancelled and wish to return, email us at [email protected] and we'll hook you up.


Yes – we have members all over the world, and we try to vary our call times so as many people can be live as possible. We also send out recordings of all calls that we do. So if you can’t be there live, you can leave a question on the event page ahead of time. Darieth and guest expert instructors do their best to answer as many questions as possible. Then you can listen to the recordings for your answers.

No – you do not have to be on Facebook. We do have a private Facebook group for members only, but you do not have to be in there to benefit. We send out regular updates by email and you'll receive much value from absorbing the content in the members area and attending or watching replays of calls.

Not for monthly membership, unfortunately. It is against our policies to allow one member to pay for and register another member for a recurring payment contract. We require the person who is registering to go through the registration process themselves. Legally the “contract” of the recurring payment must be signed and confirmed by the person registering with their payment information in the system. 

We acknowledge your generosity and kindness, so...

A one-time annual membership gift may work for you.  Email us at [email protected] to purchase an annual gift membership.


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