Choose one of your two pathways to a successful speaking career and business...


Design your signature speech, step into the spotlight and make your impact. LIVE in person retreat & ONLINE telecourse


Kick start your speaking business and increase your opportunities to get in the spotlight - ONLINE telecourse 

Take me to the retreat payment options!
Take me to the telecourse payment options!


The Art & Business of Speaking

The All Rise Retreat is a unique coaching experience and live event designed to help you gain confidence, boost your profile and increase your credibility as a leader in your industry. You will discover how to speak on high profile stages and get the tools and systems in place to monetize your message.

This is for the woman who knows she is ready for a bigger stage, bigger platform, a wider audience and to be recognized and richly rewarded for her brilliance. 

She is looking for high level mentoring, support and accountability.  3 ½ day ALL Rise Live Experience and Retreat:

Thursday Evening | Welcome Meet & Great.

Friday | Master the Art of Public Speaking and Storytelling

Saturday | On stage and on camera confidence

Sunday | Showtime: Deliver your speech on stage.

PLUS you'll get the online tele course materials.

Training modules on:

  • The power of your storytelling and developing your signature talk and speech
  • How to find speaking events 
  • Hot to set your speaking fees
  • How to cross-sell from the stage
  • Speaker Kit Checklist- what to do before, during and after an event. Contracts, speakers sheet, media kits, press examples and more
  • Done-for-you templates, conference pitch email sequence and follow up
  • Event planning checklist
  • And a few other speaker success must-haves

This revolutionary live experience and retreat provides you with one of a kind mentorship from a woman who has spent over 30 years developing her career and business in media, coaching and public service. I also know what it means to turn my mess into my message, my pain into my power and my set back into a set up for success.

This intimate and powerful gathering is your chance to experience the epic, in-person up-level that will bond this elite community of influential women together.




The Business of Speaking

The All rise online telecourse is an at home study course for women who want to land their first or next paid speaking gig.

This experience is designed for the woman who is just beginning to speak or has been speaking but is really ready to take it to another level.

  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You're stuck with even the basics of developing a speaker’s one sheet, media kit and demo real
  • You can’t figure out where to find speaking opportunities
  • Let alone how much to charge.
  • And elements of your signature talk…you are like uh…yeah…help….

 online tele course:

Training modules on:

  • The power of your storytelling and developing your signature talk and speech
  • How to find speaking events 
  • How to set your speaking fees
  • How to cross-sell from the stage
  • Speaker Kit Checklist- what to do before, during and after an event. Contracts, speakers sheet, media kits, press examples and more
  • Done-for-you templates, conference pitch email sequence and follow up
  • Event planning checklist
  • And a few other speaker success must-haves

By the way ladies, you get the online tele course with the treat! Check out the details to the left or more below.

Can't make it to the retreat because the dates don't work and you still want to learn the secrets to leverage your story  and grow your speaking business? This option is for you and great for newbie speakers too!


Fast Action Disappearing Bonus #1

Be one of the first 5 women to book your spot at the exclusive retreat and receive a private one-on-one coaching call with Darieth


Online Telecourse Payment Options


All Rise Online Telecourse

1 Payment of $997


All Rise Online Telecourse

3 payments of $397



Early bird pricing ends Soon!

Accepting applications from 10 women only.

All Rise Exclusive Retreat & Online telecourse


Save $1,000 when you pay in full

Use promo code  BookNow to save $1,000 

$5,500 Pay only $4,500


All Rise Exclusive Retreat & Online telecourse

Hold for $1,000 make 3 payments of $1,500

Book now to hold your spot for October

Pay only $1,000 to hold your spot


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Read on for more details

about the unique, luxurious and life changing 3 ½ day live experience and retreat scheduled for October 17-20, 2019 hosted by Emmy Award winning TV Host, TEDx and International Speaker, Empowerment and Visibility Coach Darieth Chisolm.

I'm inviting you through my door and onto my stage to work closely with me. Click video below to take the tour and see what's waiting for you in Florida!




Be one of just a handful of women who will join me for this intimate, upscale, 3/1/2 day in-person live experience and retreat at Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club and in partnership with Homewood Suites.


After attending the retreat you will have :

  • Developed your signature talk and speech and got clear on all of its components
  • Learned how to leverage your story and speaking to grow your business
  • Discovered several opportunities to sell your other programs and services and convert from the stage
  • Learned where and how to find speaking opportunities
  • Learned how to get booked and paid
  • Improved your presentation skills and style on stage
  • Practiced and nailed your signature speech on stage
  • Mapped out the structure, systems and supports you need to have a successful speaking business
  • Mapped out your publicity roadmap and media campaign
  • Developed a personalized and targeted speaking event prospecting system

Retreat Schedule
 October 17 -20, 2019

Thursday Evening (Welcome Meet & Greet Reception)

Friday| Master the Art of Public Speaking and Storytelling

  • You’ll learn how sharing your most authentic story and message can inspire thousands
  • The Butterfly effect, why transformation is vital to your success
  • How crafting your unique story around the heroine's journey is your key to winning hearts
  • Get over the limiting fears and self destructive lies that are holding you back from your greatness on stage and in life
  • How to set the stage for delivering your most powerful content in 3 easy steps that will leave you and your audience soaring


Saturday | On Stage & On Camera Confidence/ Publicity Roadmap

  • Speakers are made, not born - learn the ingredients to making you a standout on stage
  • Body language, tone, pace, eye contact and dynamic delivery secrets
  • The most powerful way to begin your day to set yourself up for success long after you have retired your stilettos after your amazing speech.
  • Develop your speaker publicity road map and media PR campaign 

Sunday Morning | Showtime: Deliver your Speech on Stage

  • Lights, camera, audience - you on stage and in action delivering for the first or 50th time in front of a supportive audience
  • In this dress rehearsal on stage you can practice your speech and get immediate feedback from me.
  • Develop your 90 day plan of action to speaking business success

Hear what Isabella has to say about mentorship with Darieth...


High level mentoring and coaching

based on what's specifically needed for you to uplevel, own the stage and impact the world.

Training from leading experts

Learn from the industries best at helping you get seen, get heard and get paid - in the Speak.Serve. Soar community.

Strategy Plan

on next steps to start and grow your speaking business

Speaker Kit Checklist

what to do before, during and after an event. Contracts, speakers sheet, media kits, press examples and more.

Vibrant Community

of high vibe women to connect and collaborate with for a lifetime!

Retreat Bonuses 

Bonus #1

One hour private one on one coaching with Darieth ($750 value)

Bonus #2

You also get three month free access to  exclusive membership club. Speak. Serve. Soar

A private membership and exclusive community filled with expert training and information from world class leaders who will help you learn exciting ways to grow your business.

You get...

  • » Instant access to ALL short courses trainings
  • » Live Q&A calls monthly
  • » Live Monthly Goal & Planning Workshops
  • » Monthly accountability partner
  • » Private community with access to seasoned experts & trainers
  • » Member only discounts & freebies
  • » You can cancel membership at any time

Speak. Serve. Soar List of Trainers



So one more time let me review what's included in the exclusive retreat….

(in my OMG you can’t pass on this amazing opportunity voice!)


 Welcome Packet to help develop your signature speech and speaking topics

 Private Coaching Session with Darieth (when you act fast and are one of the first five women to book.)

During The Live Event

 Transportation to and from airport and hotel and to and from Miromar Lakes

 Evening reception and welcome

 Full breakfast each morning at the hotel

 Lunch Friday and Saturday

 Sunset boat cruise and champagne toast Saturday Night

 Popcorn and standing ovations during your speech!

After the event

 A vibrant community of high vibe women to connect and collaborate with for a lifetime!

 Ongoing support and accountability from Darieth

What's not included

 Airfare to Ft. Myers Airport and hotel accommodations 

 Spa Treatments 

This kind of personalized, intimate and world class training would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, (not to mention a ton of stress and all the headaches that come from trying to do it on your own).

The total cost and value is $16,000

All Rise Retreat & 7 week online telecourse 


Pay in full and pay only $4,500 

Use *BOOKNOW discount code to save $1,000. 


Hold your spot for $1,000 TODAY and make 3 payments of $1,500 before all spots are taken!

Plus if you apply and pay now you will receive all of the following disappearing bonuses: 

  • How to Find Speaking Engagements
  • How to Set your Speaking Fees
  • How to Cross-Sell related programs, products, services, books and swag from the stage.
  • Bonus #1 1 hour of One on One Private Coaching with Darieth
  • Bonus #2 Three month access to exclusive membership club. Speak. Serve. Soar  -  A private membership and exclusive community filled with expert training and information from world class leaders who will help you learn exciting ways to grow your business.
  • Your welcome packet so you can get a head-start on telling me your story and crafting your signature speech or next crowd raiser.





If you know this is right for you,

that you deserve this and that making your speaking dreams come true is a non negotiable, then hold your spot now.

This will be an exclusive, luxury experience tailored for and limited to a few women who are ready to step into the spotlight, make an impact and take their speaking business to the next level.

If you are ready to play a bigger game,

if you see inspiring audiences worldwide and being empowered from a place of all out knowing and confidence while enjoying a luxurious, feminine space, in the presence of a women who has built a 30 year + career around visibility, public service and public appearances, then take action today.

....This program, community and experience is for you.

I’m thrilled to host you in the beautiful and tropical setting of Miromar Lakes and support you in making a life and speaking business of your dreams, a reality!

Yes! Take me to payment options for the exclusive retreat!

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"Working with Darieth has been an absolute dream. I have worked with Darieth, for over two years, in the scope of personal coaching, visibility, media mentorship and branding. I can confidently say that because of my work with Darieth I have been catapulted to the top. My children's book series has garnered several awards and sales have soared. Based on visibility coaching, my children and I were invited to creative meetings at the Walt Disney Animation studios in Burbank, CA, have partnered with Sesame Workshop's U.S. Social Impact Team, and I was recently presented with Pittsburgh Magazine's 40 Under 40 award. I was also named as an Inspiring Women in Philanthropy award winner, through Inspiring Lives magazine, and a Socially Conscious Fashionista by the Real Beauty, Real Women Foundation, out of over 50,000 applicants. I have been featured in podcasts, countless print articles, and television promos. Yes, I work hard. Yes, I grind. But, the lessons, skills, and knowledge from Darieth have been invaluable and I credit her and her coaching skills with all of my successes."

Brianne Mitchell

"When I fortuitously came across Darieth online in an interview with another lady, when she offered a free clarity session at the end, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I knew even before connecting with her on the call that I wanted to work with her. That was how compelling her energy was to me. I have loved working one to one in a business coaching capacity with Darieth. I opted to work with her over a twelve month period as knew it symbolised so much for me and my own intention to grow personally and professionally. She always has excellent advice, no matter what topic I choose to start on, be it around growing my mailing list, creating a clear branding image through logo and website or strategies to just help get things done, for example completing my first book. Her advice is both practical and insightful with plenty of genuine encouragement along the way. I have learned so much more around visibility including exploring podcasting and YouTube shoots. I highly recommend Darieth. She is a gem of a human being."

Ciara Jean Roberts

"I am a media professional living in Pittsburgh. I have looked up to Darieth for many years as I saw her professionalism and passion come through my television every week. Over the years she has become such a wonderful mentor and teacher. Recently I worked with her on a media project. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew how I felt but she made my project come to life! She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process but very transparent and honest in her feedback. She listened, We practiced, I was ready! I would recommend Darieth for any type of media project, story or speaking engagement that you have to execute. She will not let you fail. "

Mikey Hood

"When I first heard Darieth speak, I was immediately struck by her bravery for coming forward to talk about her story and experience. I was even more impressed when she created 50 shades of silence, a call to action to mobilize others who had been victim of revenge porn. Yes she is an inspiring speaker but she is so much more. She is hope to so many who are suffering in silence. She is leading the way to give justice to those who have been wronged. She is a true change-maker. It was an honor to have her come to Massachusetts to have a difficult conversation with parents, students, legislators, superintendents, and community leaders about revenge porn and teen sexting. The MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women looks forward to working with Darieth in advocacy to pass legislation to help teens and victims."

Ceylan Rowe
Chair, MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women

"It's not everyday someone says... "Let me see how many people I can impact , who will then impact others!" The time and techniques you employed required me to actually not just use vision to "see" the desires of my heart, you then used skillful techniques to pull these thoughts out of my head onto paper and into action. Your attention to detail is priceless, you are laser focused on every aspect of "the big picture and I'm getting major results from working with you!"

Veron Bailey
Coach, Author, Speaker

"Darieth guided me through my first "Signature Talk" for a Women's Health Summit. She encouraged me on ways to intersperse my products and services that I had not envisioned before. How to follow up after the talk and to nurture them through my upcoming book launch. I felt so humbled after my talk when I had women come up to me moved by the talk that afternoon. It was Fantastic! I went straight from my heart. It is was authentic self speaking. I tried rehearsing at my Mom's place and it was forced and not in flow. After working with Darieth I went straight into my "Signature Talk" and literally the women in there were moved to tears. I spoke effortlessly for 45 minutes!"

Alice Edgarton


I'm so pleased that you're here and taking this step towards designing your signature speech, stepping into the spotlight and making an impact! 

Please provide me with a few details, followed by a short application form and then schedule your call with me to get your questions answered.

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