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My mission is to help every woman with a story ... be seen, be heard and be compensated. She will be elevated and recognized for her unique expression, expertise, gifts, passion and her desire to serve. Here are just a few clients on my Wall of Fame who are stepping into the spotlight! 

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Carolyn Wilson

"Working with Darieth has allowed me to grow and think differently about the way I show up to the world! Her collection of courses, retreat, coaching calls and overall mentorship has aligned perfectly with my purpose to "Speak Serve Soar" just like the name of one of the first programs I joined. Her program has allowed me to connect with dynamic women from around the world ready to make an impact on the world. The greatest thing about working with Darieth, is that under her guidance I have been able to push past many of  my own upper limits despite my successes. For starters, I began putting a value on my offerings that I was previously giving away for free.  I have developed and implemented new systems and structures to start attracting my ideal client. "


Rosie von Lila

"Through Darieth's Six Figure Storyteller program, in the last four months, Rosie has accomplished the following fabulous results: launched Quantum Leap! (a transformative food reset program) and sold it out twice since January, launched Women's Team (a premium, high-dollar, small group coaching program) and sold it out before the program registration ended, and is launching the forthcoming Your Income Generation Game about investing and cryptocurrencies. In the same period, and all thanks to Darieth, Rosie also built her new website, created three new talks (and has delivered two of them so far), created her speaker one sheet, created a lead magnet, and generated $6800 in new income in one month, is being booked on three large-audience podcasts (and numerous smaller ones), raised her speaking fee, and is currently creating $15,000 in new speaker revenue by the end of June. WOW... Let it be known: Six Figure Storyteller is worth every dollar invested!"

Phyllis Taylor

"Working with Darieth has been an immense experience to grow further into my passion--to lead from the side and to build leaders. I've gained more clarity and focus on my gaps and why I exist in the universe. I look forward to each call to  participate, learn, connect with the stories of others, and be coached if I want. In the program, I have initiated the framework to my platform to feature my services & workshops, gained clarity of organization, I’m working with a web designer to consult with on my websites, Participated in Whole 30 Project, and gained speaking opportunities as a result of my peers."

Megan Whiteside

"Darieth brings positivity, grace, and wisdom to her coaching. From the moment I started working with her, she put me at ease immediately. Darieth makes you feel comfortable to show up as you are, with all of your questions about business and about public speaking. Some of the most helpful work I have done with her has been around my money mindset. She has helped me break through some of my limiting beliefs around money and take bold action to build my business. She provides a wealth of knowledge and in-depth materials to help propel you forward. In our coaching calls, Darieth uplifts and inspires all of us to take action. I appreciate how she helps all of us to think about the next strategic steps we can take in our businesses and then holds us accountable. Her framework and coaching style has helped me to propel my business past what I imagined was possible."


Offstage: Business of Storytelling 90 Day Mentorship


Izabella Levey

Business Mentor & Speaker

Landed her first speaking gig and crafted her signature story



Rania Badreldin

Happiness Consultant & Speaker

Successfully launched her first online course, developed private coaching programs and spoke at an online international summit



Dr. Atiya Abdelmalik

Author, Founder of HCD Consulting

Built her website and produced her first online course to accompany her book, A Life Worth Saving





Cori Wamsley

Writing Coach, Book Editor & Best-Selling Author

Figured out what stages and podcasts to pitch, how to position herself as a professional speaker, overcame sales call anxiety to easily land clients



Deneen Joyner

Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach & Storyteller

Within one week of working with Darieth at her speaker’s retreat, Deneen amassed $45,000 in sales!



Yetty Williams

Social Entrepreneur, Coach and NLP Practitioner

The clarity, support systems and structure wasn't always there for me. Finding Darieth helped with that and to join other women on the same journey trying to be the best that they can be has been very transformational for me. There's nothing like it. It's magical.  



All Rise: Art of Storytelling Retreats


Carmen Jordan

Business Owner, Speaker and Radio Show Host

Landed 3 speaking engagements, 2 radio interviews and booked a job as a Voiceover professional within 6 months of the retreat.



Siterra Wallace

Business Owner 

Finally identified her signature story and delivered it on stage in a way that moved the audience to tears



Tawana Lowery

Published Author, Speaker & International Blogger

“Darieth over delivers”




Kimberly Harrison

Author & Transformational Speaker

Landed her first paid speaking gig within two months!



Melanie Colusci

Business Strategist & Speaker




Deneen Joyner

Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach & Storyteller

Developed a strategy for pitching and selling her services




Caroline Martin

CEO & President at A Steel City Building Maintenance

Developed conscious language and a clearer understanding of how to ask for and charge her worth


Diane Greco

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Equipped with the tools and education to actually begin building her speaking business



Tawana Lowery

Published Author, Speaker & International Blogger

“Darieth over delivers”




Marcie Novis-Levine

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

Defined HER story from the "99 Stories" she had and gained the confidence to speak on stage



Wendy Harris

Health & Wellness Coach

Experienced clarity on her speaking topic, gained confidence and transformed as a well rounded speaker with a clear vision and purpose. 



Raiza Torres

Licensed Social Worker & Marketing Director

Learned how to craft her story from her inner treasures, build her business and become marketable from stage. 




Dr. Mary Welsh

Motivational Speaker, Writer and Founder of Susie Q’s Kids Non-Profit Organisation


Patty Martello

Writer, Change Agent & Entrepreneur

Developed markers for success and strategy for action


Diane Greco

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Equipped with the tools and education to actually begin building her speaking business



Caroline Martin

CEO & President at A Steel City Building Maintenance

Developed conscious language and a clearer understanding of how to ask for and charge her worth




Workshop Formula Testimonials

Listen to what these women have to say about using the Workshop Formula. 

Cassandra Spearman

Blogger, Coach, Podcaster 

Developed a clear direction and purpose for her work and business.


Diane Hart Pettis


Developed specific action steps and an agenda for next steps in business



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"Working with Darieth has been an absolute dream. I have worked with Darieth, for over two years, in the scope of personal coaching, visibility, media mentorship and branding. I can confidently say that because of my work with Darieth I have been catapulted to the top. My children's book series has garnered several awards and sales have soared. Based on visibility coaching, my children and I were invited to creative meetings at the Walt Disney Animation studios in Burbank, CA, have partnered with Sesame Workshop's U.S. Social Impact Team, and I was recently presented with Pittsburgh Magazine's 40 Under 40 award. I was also named as an Inspiring Women in Philanthropy award winner, through Inspiring Lives magazine, and a Socially Conscious Fashionista by the Real Beauty, Real Women Foundation, out of over 50,000 applicants. I have been featured in podcasts, countless print articles, and television promos. Yes, I work hard. Yes, I grind. But, the lessons, skills, and knowledge from Darieth have been invaluable and I credit her and her coaching skills with all of my successes."

Brianne Mitchell

"When I fortuitously came across Darieth online in an interview with another lady, when she offered a free clarity session at the end, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I knew even before connecting with her on the call that I wanted to work with her. That was how compelling her energy was to me. I have loved working one to one in a business coaching capacity with Darieth. I opted to work with her over a twelve month period as knew it symbolised so much for me and my own intention to grow personally and professionally. She always has excellent advice, no matter what topic I choose to start on, be it around growing my mailing list, creating a clear branding image through logo and website or strategies to just help get things done, for example completing my first book. Her advice is both practical and insightful with plenty of genuine encouragement along the way. I have learned so much more around visibility including exploring podcasting and YouTube shoots. I highly recommend Darieth. She is a gem of a human being."

Ciara Jean Roberts

"I am a media professional living in Pittsburgh. I have looked up to Darieth for many years as I saw her professionalism and passion come through my television every week. Over the years she has become such a wonderful mentor and teacher. Recently I worked with her on a media project. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew how I felt but she made my project come to life! She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process but very transparent and honest in her feedback. She listened, We practiced, I was ready! I would recommend Darieth for any type of media project, story or speaking engagement that you have to execute. She will not let you fail. "

Michelyn Tari

"It's so hard to believe that Darieth & I spent a day of one-on-one coaching together 4 years ago! I walked in expecting to refine, define & redesign my podcast, yet I walked away with so much more! Darieth's approach is authentic, as she utilizes her personal & professional successes to guide you on the path toward your destiny. I strongly encourage you to invest in yourself by reaching out to Darieth for her coaching expertise! She helped me take a hobby & turn it into a profitable & impactful business while helping me to look inward as I discover my purpose! Thank you, Darieth!!!"

Denise LaRosa

"Where do I start? If you are looking for a speaker that is able to connect, inspire, motivate and educate your audience, I would HIGHLY recommend Darieth Chisolm. As the President and organizer of the Pittsburgh Business Show, not only did she take the time to learn about our show and our vision, she was instrumental in delivering a message that was invaluable to business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We are looking forward to having her at our Annual show for years to come."

Linda Jo Thornberg
President, Pittsburgh Business Show

"Darieth brings a practical and refreshing message to life woven through with personal and real stories. Her questions continue to resonate with me and came at a pivotal point in my journey; awakening a boldness and confidence I thought was lost. God has uniquely gifted Darieth and I am grateful for the divine connection. "

Kim Eubanks
Denver Women’s Ministry Taskforce for Prayer

"Darieth was the perfect addition to our inaugural women's empowerment luncheon. She found a way to connect with every woman in the room. We all left excited for the future and motivated for change. She uses her life experiences, not to brag or boast, but to help build others. We couldn't have asked for a better message."

Danielle Parson
Professional Women’s Network (PWN)

"Darieth is an engaging and inspiring speaker, and her message resonated with our customers. She and her team are a pleasure to work with and were incredibly responsive, attentive, and accommodating."

Daniel Hensley
Adult Programming Coordinator for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

"Darieth Chisolm recently served as the keynote speaker of our Women of Excellence event, which honors area women who are making positive impacts in their professions and communities. Ms. Chisolm’s delivery was effective, and left the honorees, as well as guests, feeling inspired and motivated to achieve their professional hopes and “dreams.” She provided informational tips to help them move to the next level. She was exceptional and we will invite her back again."

Rod Doss
New Pittsburgh Courier

"Bringing years of broadcast journalism experience with her, Darieth knows how to deliver a powerful message that gets her audience to sit up and pay attention. Serving as Community College of Beaver County’s 2015 Commencement speaker, she led our graduates on a journey that was both poignant, motivating, and challenging. It was just what they needed to hear."

Leslie Tennant
Executive Director of Marketing, Community Relations, and Advancement Community College of Beaver County

"Darieth Chisolm is a dynamic and passionate speaker. By bringing her own experiences and charismatic personality into presentations, she is able to successfully engage new and budding entrepreneurs of all ages. Participants showed enthusiasm to overcome barriers in their lives and jump-start creative, profitable businesses. It was especially rewarding to observe local students become more confident and inspired to launch their own successful enterprises. Darieth's popular, interactive workshop and her energizing personality have created a loyal Cleveland following."

Shayna Muckerheide, MLIS
Adult Outreach & Programming Coordinator, Cleveland Public Library

"Many, many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to students, faculty, staff and administrators at CCAC's North Campus! We greatly appreciate the information you shared with us and realize that it must be very difficult to recount the abuse you have endured and continue to endure. Your message is an extremely important one, and we can think of no better recipients than our young people, who are tech-savvy but perhaps naive to the possible dangers. By sharing your experience, you may have prevented one more person from being victimized. In addition, the positive messages of courage, confidence, self-esteem and self-determination cannot be understated, especially for this population who are at an important crossroads in their lives. You are an excellent and captivating speaker, evidenced by the immediately rapt audience and the numerous questions that ensued. We have heard nothing but praise and accolades from those who attended. We wish you all the best as you work on your documentary and continue your public speaking. We will follow your progress with interest. Thank you again!"

Allison Caveglia Barash and Anne Louise Dailey
Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology, The Office of Student Life, The Well-Being and Safety Education Team

"When I first heard Darieth speak, I was immediately struck by her bravery for coming forward to talk about her story and experience. I was even more impressed when she created 50 shades of silence, a call to action to mobilize others who had been victim of revenge porn. Yes she is an inspiring speaker but she is so much more. She is hope to so many who are suffering in silence. She is leading the way to give justice to those who have been wronged. She is a true change-maker. It was an honor to have her come to Massachusetts to have a difficult conversation with parents, students, legislators, superintendents, and community leaders about revenge porn and teen sexting. The MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women looks forward to working with Darieth in advocacy to pass legislation to help teens and victims."

Ceylan Rowe
Chair, MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women

"Before attending Darieth's See & be Seen Workshop I was Ms. Procrastinator Perfectionist. One of the key things that I took away was the that done is better than perfect! . Darieth encouraged us to keep moving even if it is not perfect! We need to stay in motion to see progress. We discussed charting our course and staying balanced and remain focused on our end result! Darieth gives you an opportunity to discuss your business in detail and receive advice from someone who knows what she is talking about!"

Nicole Berry
Natural Body Blends

"I have been coaching with Darieth and have found her to be knowledgeable, helpful and extremely patient. Darieth has walked me step by step through the process of online media options. If you are technologically challenged or if you need help in crafting your content for your message Darieth is the perfect person to call. She helped me create a solid marketing plan for the launch of my podcast and increased visibility."

Carol A. Briney
Speaker, Author, Podcaster

"It's not everyday someone says... "Let me see how many people I can impact , who will then impact others!" The time and techniques you employed required me to actually not just use vision to "see" the desires of my heart, you then used skillful techniques to pull these thoughts out of my head onto paper and into action. Your attention to detail is priceless, you are laser focused on every aspect of "the big picture and I'm getting major results from working with you!"

Veron Bailey
Coach, Author, Speaker


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