Share your story and message with the world...

Turn your story into an inspirational experience for others. Whether you dream of attracting clients and customers, selling your products and services or creating a stage-worthy or on camera performance, your story is the vehicle most powerful tool you have. 

Join me for a private full or half day VIP STRATEGY SESSION online. We will work together to get clear about your story, how to use it and leverage it, and how you can feel more confident about delivering it.

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Stages are welcoming speakers back.

And you could be the next public speaker to change someone's life.

The world is finally opening back up, events are operating at full capacity, audiences are pouring into convention centers and stages are beginning to fill with speakers from all walks of life.

Don’t you want to be the one the audience is waiting for?

Now is the time for your story to get the attention it deserves.

The question is—are you ready?

The world is waiting to hear YOUR story.

People are hungry to hear stories of hope, passion, resiliency, self-discovery, tragedy, uprising, how to heal and be healthy, make money, have great relationships, start a new business and all the many themes that color the human experience….

People are waiting for you to be real, raw and honest so they can be moved, inspired and IMPACTED by your truth.

And then there is the fear of public speaking, telling your truth and sharing your story.

I can already hear what some people might say. “Telling my story” seems scary, ridiculous, unimaginable...and besides would somebody really want to hear my story….would somebody really buy my stuff after hearing me or even pay me to speak on stage or at an event?

Sound familiar?

  • You wonder if you have the type of story that anyone is willing to listen to.
  • You’re unsure of how to piece together the parts of your story in order to make it be worthy of sharing on stage.
  • You wonder how to bridge your story to your expertise and business ideas in a way that actually makes sense.
  • You have no clue on who to approach (or how to approach them) in order to get yourself on stage!
  • You’re unsure on how to monetize your story.

YET…. what you do know is that …..

  • There is a passion and fire deep down inside that is calling you to inspire and impact others.
  • You have a product or service that is changing people’s lives and they need to know about it NOW.
  • You’ve watched your competition soar to the top of your industry because they’ve booked major speaking gigs and grew their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Channel with new followers and friends because they had the courage to speak and share their story.

So how do they do it? What’s the catch? What’s the thing that many speakers have that you don’t have?

Hint...Hint...A coach who can help you design your story in such a way that makes you a success.
Big names like Oprah, Tiger Woods, J.LO, Malala and Brendon Burchard all have in people supporting them.

They all have a mentor and a coach.

They have someone waiting in the wings, behind the curtain ready to help them formulate, strategize, deliver and impact their audience and clients.

You going at it alone is not heroic, sexy, brave or even a smart thing to do, frankly.

You trying to figure it out in some large-scale crowded online group may not be working either...

If you are up to big things in the world and you know that you are here to make an impact, to inspire, inform, educate and motivate others AND you want to make an income doing it, then it’s time to stop messing around and get support from a skilled public speaking and storytelling coach. Like Me :) 

Private one-on-one mentorship and coaching is your ticket into the room and your path to being on the big stage.

Public speaking is your opportunity to share your gifts and story with the world no matter how big the room or stadium, or who is in the chairs.

But the competition is tough.

There are lots of people clamoring for time on stage…
Their talks have been dusted off, their speaker sheets and demo reels are being updated, and they are pitching every single day for spots that you could have!

Don't miss out on your opportunity to get your stuff together while the world is opening up!

Get yourself in the game!

I’m Darieth Chisolm. I’m a Master Storyteller and Public Speaking Coach.

After spending over 30 years in the media as a TV News Anchor I was convinced that transitioning into the world of public speaking would be a breeze… After all, I had spent my entire career telling and sharing other people’s stories.

How hard could it be to tell my own story?

My first 8 months as a public speaker felt hopeless. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get booked, get paid or get clients! Then one day I discovered the secrets to telling and selling my story and my business was forever changed.

Today I’ve spoken on over 600 stages worldwide, filmed an award winning Documentary, launched two podcasts, published a book and countless articles, coached multi-million dollar business owners on storytelling and public speaking, and served 1,000’s of clients worldwide as their visibility and business coach.

I’ve built a 7-figure coaching business and now I’m unleashing the secrets to telling and selling your story.

Introducing the

A Speak to Impact Strategy Session is designed to help you become a world class storyteller… all in a day!

If you’ve ever wished you could just sit down with a masterful coach for a day and have detailed guidance and hands-on support to get your story out of your head and into the world, then this is the experience for you.

Over the course of a day together I will work to help you...

  • Develop a clear outline and story framework for your next or upcoming speech
  • Create a real, raw, authentic and memorable experience for your audience
  • Embody the skills to be your best every time you step on stage
  • Be confident in selling from the stage without feeling sleazy or greedy
  • Find speaking opportunities for your niche and industry
  • Know what to send before, during and after to event organizers
  • Charge top dollar for your time on stage, even if you are a first timer
  • Finally get clear and confident about delivering your story 
  • Discover ways to attract more clients and customers and sell more of your products and services by leveraging your story
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Is this right for you?

If you are ready to kick the doors open, step on stage, and own the spotlight as a sought after public speaker then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re selling a product or service, or drumming up support for a non-profit mission or cause, there is a place for you on stage and on social media.

But to make things a little more clear, let me break this down a little bit further.

The Speak to Impact immersion is for you if…

  • You want to be a highly paid and sought after public speaker
  • You feel confident in your service, product or offer and want to use your story as a way to drive traffic to your business or project 
  • You are willing to dedicate the time, money and resources necessary to being a speaker
  • You know who your ideal client, customer or audience member is

The Speak to Impact immersion is NOT for you if…

  • You have no idea what you want to be known for
  • You have no idea why someone would hire you to speak
  • You aren’t able to clearly define your product or service
  • You don’t know who your ideal client or customer is
  • You are unavailable to do the necessary work beyond our time together to be successful

Here’s how this works...

In this one day private and exclusive VIP experience you will...

Define and refine your signature story

  • Work with me to refine your story and outline a signature speech that you will deliver on stage and on social media
  • Learn and practice powerful public speaking techniques to use on stage and on camera
  • Develop the confidence to feel more powerful, in alignment, worthy and ready to deliver your next keynote or round table address.

Learn how to find speaking opportunities

  • Together we will source and find upcoming speaking engagements for you to pitch to.
  • Get my feedback on your speaker collateral, (speaker one sheet, media kit, video demo reel and speaker website page ) So you can dust them off and polish them up. (As a bonus you’ll have lifetime access to my Speaker’s Toolkit)
  • Amplify your own platform to attract raving fans and followers looking for speakers

Make money speaking from the stage

  • Set your Speaker’s fees and learn top negotiation strategies for earning more
  • Learn how to sell your own products and services from the stage
  • Review how to create your own live experience to step onto the stage at and learn how to make $5K and more at your own event. (As a bonus you’ll have lifetime access to my top selling online course...The Workshop Formula)

But it’s not all just work… I want you to have some fun too.

This one day experience also comes with some luxury perks and benefits…

Experience a day or night of pampering and relaxation!
A luxury at home spa box will arrive at your door before our VIP session for you to enjoy and prepare yourself for our experience.

Lunch on me
I want to make your time delicious and easy so we will order lunch from your favorite restaurant for delivery to your home or office for your pleasure and convenience :)

Bonus Materials

Speaker’s Toolkit 

All the handy dandy, tips, tools and resources you’ll need to package and polish yourself up as a professional speaker.

The Workshop Formula Course 

You’ll have my top selling course on how to plan, promote and profit from hosting your own workshops and live events… make yourself the top sought after speaker and earn $5k and more at each event!


At the end of our VIP day together you will have….

  • Your signature story and speech outlined and ready for your next speaking gig!
  • Your speaker marketing materials reviewed, polished and ready to send out for prospective speaking opportunities.
  • A list of upcoming speaking engagements to pitch to, plus you’ll know how and where to find your next speaking opportunities.
  • Your speaker’s fee, what you charge, how to negotiate for it, what to ask for in lieu of money and how to keep the dollars rolling in the door for the weeks, months and years to come!
  • A clear cut 90 day action plan and next steps to follow and implement.

Megan Whiteside

"Darieth brings positivity, grace, and wisdom to her coaching. From the moment I started working with her, she put me at ease immediately. Darieth makes you feel comfortable to show up as you are, with all of your questions about business and about public speaking. Some of the most helpful work I have done with her has been around my money mindset. She has helped me break through some of my limiting beliefs around money and take bold action to build my business. She provides a wealth of knowledge and in-depth materials to help propel you forward. In our coaching calls, Darieth uplifts and inspires all of us to take action. I appreciate how she helps all of us to think about the next strategic steps we can take in our businesses and then holds us accountable. Her framework and coaching style has helped me to propel my business past what I imagined was possible."

The best part?

❌ There is no travel necessary

❌ No group or crowded Zoom room to hide out in

❌ No fuzzy, confusing hoops to jump through

❌ No waiting around to get into action

❌ No wondering whether or not this coach knows her stuff. (Read above)

This is offered over Zoom as a private meeting or with your team

You will receive an advance assessment, content review and onboarding prior to our VIP day to ensure maximum use of our time

SO…..think about this….What if you could earn...


$10,000 for a speaking gig
Get 5 new clients paying you $2,500 a piece from your time on stage
Invites to more speaking gigs filling your inbox and DM’s on social media
Be more confident about the power of your story
Be more dynamic and magnetic on stage
Know exactly how to mine for and get speaking gigs
Sell more of your products and services from the stage
Gain a slew of new followers on social media
Become a world class storyteller
Speak to Impact


Would spending a day with me be worth it?

Let’s get you ready to get booked!

Your time is now.





About Darieth Chisolm.

As a multiple time Emmy Award winning TV host, former NBC News Anchor, respected empowerment and visibility Coach, Darieth Chisolm uses her platform to inspire people to tell their stories. She coaches clients on how to inspire their audience, attract their ideal clients and monetize their solution by leveraging the art and business of public speaking and storytelling.

Her new docuseries, The Way of The Healer, can be viewed on YouTube and listened to on the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

Darieth directed and produced the harrowing social justice documentary 50 Shades of Silence based on her personal story of betrayal and revenge at the hands of a jilted ex-boyfriend. The Indie film has won multiple awards at film festivals throughout the USA. Darieth is the author of Hustle! Why Now is the Time to Unleash Your Passions, and is a contributing writer for Inspiring Lives and Woman of More magazines. She has toured internationally speaking on over 600 stages and diverse platforms such as the World Woman Summit, the Metrowest Conference for Women and several TEDx stages. Her talk on revenge porn and cyber harassment has been translated into 19 different languages and has been viewed nearly 1.9 million times.

You can also watch Darieth on TV trekking across the country in search of stories on innovation, technology, science and design as a national correspondent on “Tomorrow’s World Today” seen on The Science and Discovery Channel’s and Amazon Prime Video.

What my clients have experienced...


"Before I started working with Darieth I knew I had a story in me that needs to be shared in the world and I  knew my story will transform the lives of thousands of women but I didn't know how to share it in a way that will make an impact. That's what Darieth helped me do, she helped me curate my beautiful story, one I wouldn't have been able to do own my own (not like she did) and gave me the confidence to share it and that led me to launch my podcast The Limitless Love and in the first episode I share my story."

Soni Pelty

Love and Relationship Coach

"Within one week of working with Darieth at her All Rise speaker’s retreat, I had amassed $45,000 in sales!"

Deneen Joyner

Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach & Storyteller

"The clarity, support, systems and structure wasn't always there for me. Darieth helped me to develop all of this. And it was great to join her and other women on the same journey has been very transformational for me. There's nothing like working with Darieth. It's magical."

Yetty Williams

Social Entrepreneur, Coach and NLP Practitioner

Izabella Levey

Business Mentor & Speaker

Landed her first speaking gig and crafted her signature story

Dr. Atiya Abdelmalik

Author, Founder of HCD Consulting

Built her website and produced her first online course to accompany her book, A Life Worth Saving

Cori Wamsley

Writing Coach, Book Editor & Best-Selling Author

Figured out what stages and podcasts to pitch to, how to position herself as a professional speaker, overcame sales call anxiety to easily land clients

Carmen Jordan

Business Owner, Speaker and Radio Show Host

Landed 3 speaking engagements, 2 radio interviews and booked a job as a Voiceover professional within 6 months of working with Darieth.

Wendy Harris

Health & Wellness Coach

Experienced clarity on her speaking topic, gained confidence and transformed as a well rounded speaker with a clear vision and purpose.

Marcie Novis-Levine

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

Defined HER story from the "99 Stories" she had and gained the confidence to speak on stage.

Caroline Martin

CEO & President at A Steel City Building Maintenance

Developed conscious language and a clearer understanding of how to ask for and charge her worth.

Kimberly Harrison

Author & Transformational Speaker

Landed her first paid speaking gig within two months!

Rebecca Umbach

User Researcher, Google 

"We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for joining us at yesterday's summit and giving such a stirring keynote address. It was a very valuable experience for us and the rest of the attendees to hear more about your experience and ongoing work in the space, and to better understand the unique perspective you bring to the table as part of this larger conversation. Many colleagues have already reached out about how meaningful the time was for them, and how it has helped them to see the many issues in this space in new ways."

Kristy Pennock

Manager, Strategic Initiatives, BMO - Bank of Montreal

"We had the honor and pleasure of featuring Darieth Chisolm at our BMO Alliance for Women International Women’s Day Event. Darieth’s impressive background as an Emmy-winning TV host, NBC news anchor, documentary director and producer, author, activist, and internationally recognized public speaker was a great draw.

Darieth was absolutely fantastic to work with throughout all the preparation for the event and we were all energized and inspired by her presentation. Darieth highlighted the gender inequity issues in the media and workplace that still exist today and courageously shared her own personal story and how she used her voice to fight for real change. Darieth challenged us to bring about change in a world where women and allies can live free of ridicule and judgement by committing to tangible action and change. Darieth’s expertise in tv and media was apparent in her ability to communicate and connect with the audience and I would highly recommend her for any empowerment event you have!"

Linda Jo Thornberg

President, Pittsburgh Business Show

 "Where do I start? If you are looking for a speaker that is able to connect, inspire, motivate and educate your audience, I would HIGHLY recommend Darieth Chisolm. As the President and organizer of the Pittsburgh Business Show, not only did she take the time to learn about our show and our vision, she was instrumental in delivering a message that was invaluable to business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We are looking forward to having her at our Annual show for years to come."

Ceylan Rowe

Chair, MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women

"When I first heard Darieth speak, I was immediately struck by her bravery for coming forward to talk about her story and experience. I was even more impressed when she created 50 shades of silence, a call to action to mobilize others who had been victim of revenge porn. Yes she is an inspiring speaker but she is so much more. She is hope to so many who are suffering in silence. She is leading the way to give justice to those who have been wronged. She is a true change-maker. It was an honor to have her come to Massachusetts to have a difficult conversation with parents, students, legislators, superintendents, and community leaders about revenge porn and teen sexting. The MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women looks forward to working with Darieth in advocacy to pass legislation to help teens and victims."


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