Maybe... you are working on growing your business and using public speaking to drive more clients and customers your way? Perhaps you’ve nailed your signature talk, you wrote a book, developed a coaching program, sell stuff at your table at the back of the room and you’ve scored a few speaking gigs?

Not bad...

Except, the phone’s not ringing and event planners are not blowing up your inbox with speaking requests.

Instead of hearing the familiar sound of “Ka-ching” in your email from your Paypal account, it’s more like crickets....Sound familiar???

The problem could be, you don’t have a speaker visibility and exposure plan in place?

AHHHH? What’s that you might ask? Glad you did.

I’m happy to tell you more.


Hello there, I'm Darieth Chisolm. I’ve spent over 30 years in the media, both on camera as a NBC news anchor and Emmy Award Winning TV host and off camera, as an author, speaker, podcaster, filmmaker and speaker and media coach …. looking for the same media attention that you crave.

I’ve nailed it for myself and my coaching clients and I’m happy to share the same steps to more publicity with you.

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