Everybody and their Mama has a story...

From your favorite motivational speaker, to the mom and pop store owner down the street from where you grew up, to your biggest competitors and most beloved clients… We all have stories that shape, mold, and inspire the trajectory of our lives and decisions.

I happen to believe that you should get paid and be paid well for your story!

However, I see so many people who don't know how to translate their story into impact and income.

Everybody and their Mama has a story...

From your favorite motivational speaker, to the mom and pop store owner down the street from where you grew up, to your biggest competitors and most beloved clients… We all have stories that shape, mold, and inspire the trajectory of our lives and decisions.

Our stories are fundamental in life and in business.

Unfortunately, these days I see so many people who aren’t leveraging their unique story effectively in the marketplace.

Stories are the secret weapon that make us different. As business owners let's use them to stand out, attract our ideal clients and customers and solve their problems with our solutions.


If you are a woman with a story...

You deserve to be paid generously.

If you could learn how to make six figures or more each year in your business using your story as your secret weapon would I have your attention?

Great! Keep reading.

First...let’s talk about getting to six figures.

Here it is...(insert sad emoji) very few female entrepreneurs get to six figures in annual income.

I don’t care if you are selling funnel strategies or how to make funnel cakes, growing an online business can be exhausting and confusing.

In fact, 88% of female owned businesses will NEVER make more than 100K annually.


Many just settle for less, while others just quit entirely.

Obstacles arise… Distractions get their attention.

Many female entrepreneurs struggle with self-belief and doubt that it’s even possible for them to achieve $8,333 a month or more.

Others are well on their way to getting to six figures but they don’t have an effective sales strategy and growth plan to get them there.

I see so many female entrepreneurs bogged down with tech and complicated systems that drain their time, energy, focus and passion.

I’ve also witnessed….

Unrealistic expectations (it takes most six-figure earners years to get there!)

Women going it alone, wasting energy, time and money trying to figure it all out by themselves.

A lack of intention and no driving force pushing her towards success.

An unwillingness to invest in the growth of her business.

No mentorship, accountability and support.

Here’s the thing…

It doesn't have to be this way. It first starts with a decision and commitment to make $100k

And an unwavering belief and mindset that says...

“I’m not available to be stuck!”

“I’m prepared to have a whole lot of tries!”

“I’m a hustler and I’m going to make this work!"

“I know I have what it takes”

“I am doing it now and I’m not prepared to wait!”

"I'm ready to use my voice, share my story and make a difference!"

"I deserve success, wealth and happiness!"

Can you see yourself saying any of these statements?

If so...

It’s time for you to decide! 


In order to become a six figure earner you need a solid story that inspires and attracts, along with a clear vision and purpose, systems, structure, community, support and an expert mentor who’s in it with you!

You should also know that you need time.

The truth is, it will take you a good year to lay a solid foundation that can be scaled to six figures and beyond.


So who am I and what do I know?

I’m Darieth Chisolm.

I’ve been in business online as a life and business coach for six years.

I’m also a two-time Emmy award winning TV Host, 30 year TV news anchor, TEDx presenter, author, award winning filmmaker.

I’ve scaled my online coaching business to seven figures using the art and business of storytelling and public speaking and have helped thousands of clients get seen, get heard and get paid through my various courses and programs.

I could go on about how I turned my personal mess into my message in an award winning documentary that I directed and produced. How I used my voice to launch a global social justice movement, garnering international recognition for my ground-breaking work for victims of revenge porn and cyber bullying.

I could tell you about the nearly 600 stages and platforms I’ve spoken on and the many interviews I’ve secured in the media from the Megyn Kelly Today Show to Dr. Oz, to numerous magazine and podcast features.

You could watch me on The Discovery Channel and Science Channel hosting Tomorrow’s World Today telling the stories of leaders in innovation, technology and science.

I could tell you about all the things I’ve endured from growing up poor and extremely shy, to divorce, major surgery… not to mention a 3-year drama that left me devastated, humiliated, and nearly wiped out financially after 11 months in court.

The bottom line here is that I stilled managed to build a highly successful business, part time leveraging storytelling. And storytelling is at the heart of what I’ve spent my entire life doing.

But this isn’t about me.

It’s about you and how you are going to inspire your audience, leverage your story, attract your ideal clients and soar through to six-figures and beyond with me by your side! 

...and here's how.

Introducing my powerful new incubator program…

Six Figure Storyteller is a high level mastermind for the service based entrepreneur author, coach, speaker, consultant or thought leader who wants to leverage her unique story, inspire her audience, attract her ideal clients and scale to six figures in her business. 

You will learn and implement my Six Figure Storyteller Framework.

Here’s what we’ll cover... 


Developing & Refining Your Story and your Message

How you inspire your audience

  • Know the true potential of your story and who needs to hear it and why.
  • Claim your worthiness - Release limiting mindset, fears, worries and doubts about the power of your story and your worth and value.
  • Use your voice - Boldly stand for what you believe in, build a unique brand and mission and disrupt the status quo so you stand out.


Growing Your Business by Marketing Your Story

How you attract your ideal clients and customers

  • Narrow your niche- Focus in on exactly who you serve and meet their needs with your content and information.
  • Amplify your platform - Develop and expand your Youtube channel, Podcast, Blog, Book, Facebook community and social media platforms
  • Get media for your message and use O.P.P. (Other people’s platforms) to cross promote and collaborate 


Selling Your Unique Solution

How you use your story in your profit strategy 

  • Increase your money mindset and wealth consciousness to attract and receive more income and abundance.
  • Package your brilliance- Develop and deliver your Intellectual Property- your signature or flagship offer and program.  
  • Structure your systems and support- platform and team for ongoing success.

Who is this program for?

For service based entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers, consultants, thought leaders and anyone wanting to turn their expertise and experience into a profitable revenue stream.

What’s included?


You get coaching, mentorship, community and accountability with Darieth, invites to attend live virtual events plus access to all programs and content.


Mentorship & Mastermind (3 or 6 month packages available)

Business Strategy & Group Coaching Calls

Guest experts content and coaching

Monthly Business Exchange

24/7 Access to the Membership Portal to all programs and content

Includes access to:
  • Two LIVE coaching and mentoring calls with Darieth Monthly
  • Special content and coaching from Guest Experts
  • All Rise - Master the art of storytelling at this exclusive two day virtual speaker’s retreat
  • Six Figure Storytelling Weekend Workshop
  • Brand U Workshop
  • Offstage - Master the business of storytelling and public speaking Modules and Materials
  • Speak Serve Soar Speaker Academy Modules and Materials
  • Workshop Formula Course - Learn how to plan, promote and profit from your own live and virtual events 
  • Speaker toolkit
  • Coaching business toolkit

Six Figure Storyteller

Call to discuss coaching program duration

After completing this program you will have a...

  • Working business model that is unique to you and your story
  • One Profitable offer (your IP Intellectual Property...i.e. Your signature offer or program that capitalizes on your story, skills, expertise and experience
  • A systemized online platform
  • Sales strategy to turn your audience into paying clients
  • A roadmap to build your influence and impact by leveraging the media and OPP (Other people’s platforms)
  • Consistent monthly income and revenue

Your story is the bridge people travel on to get to you and to work with you. 

Becoming a powerful storyteller is crucial.

I'm giving you a powerful framework and working model to begin, grow and scale your business. I have completely revamped my services, retooled my systems and combined all of my best programs, knowledge, skillset and community into one Flagship Signature offer. 

And I'm excited to work with you in this Six Figure Storyteller Program.


You will receive all this...

Two LIVE monthly Coaching Calls with Darieth 

Guest Expert Content & Coaching Calls

Access to three LIVE Virtual Events

Your comprehensive resource library of 20+ guest and expert lessons on how to get seen, get heard and get paid.

Learn how to PLAN, PROMOTE, and PROFIT from hosting in-person workshops and retreats.

Your virtual retreat experience to help you develop your signature talk and improve your presentation skills and style on stage. Develop, write and deliver your signature story and speech.

Your resource library of lessons, templates, tools and resources to help you master the BUSINESS of public speaking and storytelling.



What my clients have experienced...


"Before I started working with Darieth I knew I had a story in me that needs to be shared in the world and I  knew my story will transform the lives of thousands of women but I didn't know how to share it in a way that will make an impact. That's what Darieth helped me do, she helped me curate my beautiful story, one I wouldn't have been able to do own my own (not like she did) and gave me the confidence to share it and that led me to launch my podcast The Limitless Love and in the first episode I share my story."

Soni Pelty

Love and Relationship Coach

"Within one week of working with Darieth at her All Rise speaker’s retreat, I had amassed $45,000 in sales!"

Deneen Joyner

Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach & Storyteller

"The clarity, support, systems and structure wasn't always there for me. Darieth helped me to develop all of this. And it was great to join her and other women on the same journey has been very transformational for me. There's nothing like working with Darieth. It's magical."

Yetty Williams

Social Entrepreneur, Coach and NLP Practitioner

Izabella Levey

Business Mentor & Speaker

Landed her first speaking gig and crafted her signature story

Dr. Atiya Abdelmalik

Author, Founder of HCD Consulting

Built her website and produced her first online course to accompany her book, A Life Worth Saving

Cori Wamsley

Writing Coach, Book Editor & Best-Selling Author

Figured out what stages and podcasts to pitch to, how to position herself as a professional speaker, overcame sales call anxiety to easily land clients

Carmen Jordan

Business Owner, Speaker and Radio Show Host

Landed 3 speaking engagements, 2 radio interviews and booked a job as a Voiceover professional within 6 months of working with Darieth.

Wendy Harris

Health & Wellness Coach

Experienced clarity on her speaking topic, gained confidence and transformed as a well rounded speaker with a clear vision and purpose.

Marcie Novis-Levine

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

Defined HER story from the "99 Stories" she had and gained the confidence to speak on stage.

Caroline Martin

CEO & President at A Steel City Building Maintenance

Developed conscious language and a clearer understanding of how to ask for and charge her worth.

Kimberly Harrison

Author & Transformational Speaker

Landed her first paid speaking gig within two months!

Mentorship & Mastermind
Business Strategy & Group Coaching Calls
Guest experts content and coaching
Monthly Business Exchange
24/7 Access to the Membership Portal



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