3 Benefits of speaking on a TEDx stage

You might be like a few million people who have a dream of speaking on a TEDx stage. And why wouldn't you, since so many TEDx presenters really do experience a bump in credibility and influence? But you might also be sitting on the sideline saying to yourself, "Is it really all of that and a bag of chips?" Well, stick with me because in this next video and blog post I'm going to share with you three main benefits I experienced after my time on TED and why you too should consider being on a TEDx stage. 


I found myself on a TEDx stage, not because of my desire to grow my speaking business, but because of an experience that I had. As a result of experiencing something called revenge porn and wanting to advocate for victims and make change, I decided that perhaps the biggest platform I could be on to bring exposure, awareness and education about the issues of revenge porn, cyberbullying and cyber harassment was to get on a TEDx stage. 


I had applied several times in the past for a TEDx opportunity and was turned down and I felt that it was really important for me to share this message on a global stage. So I continued to seek opportunities to share the story, this idea worth spreading. Eventually I was chosen and it was one of the most thrilling and exciting times of my life to be featured on a TEDx stage with my story. About six months after that TEDx event, which happened in Pittsburgh, the main TED website ended up featuring my TEDx story, and within a year, my talk was moved permanently to That's when things really began to change. While I was getting a lot of exposure just by being a local TEDx presenter, things changed once I moved to TED. The talk has over nearly 1.8 million views, and has been translated into 17 different languages. So what are the three main benefits that I've seen happen as a result of being on a TEDx stage?



More speaking opportunities.

I speak as a keynote speaker, but also as a platform speaker. If you want to know the difference between them and why you need to know the difference between a platform speaker and a keynote speaker, you can take a look at this video. But the fact that I was receiving so many speaking requests, because I was featured on a TEDx stage was huge, and it really opened up the opportunity for me to speak on even more stages. So that's the first main benefit of speaking on a TEDx stage. 


Increase in requests for collaborations and connections.

At least once or twice a week, I get an email from someone saying, "I watched your TEDx talk. I'm wondering if we could collaborate on this. I'm wondering if you could help with this. It'd be great if we could connect the dots on this, is this an opportunity for us to work together?" That level of exposure because of the work that I'm doing in this space around cyber bullying and cyber harassment has been huge. I'm not so sure that those doors would have opened up if I had not been on a TEDx stage. If you really are looking to be an influencer, a changemaker, the authority or the expert in a particular industry, then you should have a TEDx speaking opportunity in your plans.


So if you're stuck and you're trying to figure out, "How do I do this? How should I present? What could I talk about?" Well that's the work that I do, and I want to extend an invitation for you right now, before I get to the third point. That is to just simply go out to  fill out an application to have a complimentary call with me. Let's talk about where you are. Let's look at your possible TEDx talk or how doing a TEDx talk can really give you a bump in credibility and influence, and I'm happy to help you explore the options. 


Grow your followers.

When you have a business that is both online and offline, having more people following you is huge, right? More people who are interested in the topics around revenge porn, cyberbullying and cyber harassment, but also more people who are interested in speaking or growing a speaking business. That alone has afforded me the opportunity to just have more people who are either watching my YouTube videos, following me on Instagram or Facebook, and definitely opting into my various email campaigns. 

So if you know that you really are looking to generate leads or create a way where more people are following you or getting to know you, then you definitely need to get onto a TEDx stage. 


If you found this video helpful, and if you're interested in talking with me about helping you develop a signature speech or helping you develop your TEDx talk, that's what we're here for. Go to to get scheduled now. 


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