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Showing up for yourself fearlessly (DO IT SCARED)

Mar 10, 2021

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you press record just seconds before shooting a video or going live on Facebook or the Gram? Are you ever worried about what people are going to think and say, and so you stop recording. Or maybe you sat there all day long, tormenting yourself thinking about what to say or wondering whether or not what you have to say makes sense. What does it take to show up scared or afraid and do it anyway? In this video and blog post I’m sharing some tips...

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How to use your voice confidently (YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD)

Mar 03, 2021

You deserve to use your voice. You have the right to use your voice. And any time you are quiet and don’t give yourself permission to speak out about the things that matter to you, there are people who are missing out on the message and story that only you can share. In this video and blog post, I want to dive into just a few things that might help you in using your voice at this crucial time when speaking up truly matters.


If you're sitting there questioning how you’re...

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Sharing your story with others (WHEN IS IT SAFE?)

Jun 10, 2020

Everybody's got a story. But what if your story is one that has the potential to harm someone or even harm you? In this blog post and video I'm going to share with you 3 safeguards that you can use to determine when and how to share your story. But before we dive in, let me introduce myself.  I'm Darieth Chisolm and I’ve helped hundreds of women worldwide tell their stories. Basically I help them get seen, get heard, and get paid. I'm qualified to do this because I've spent over 30...

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