How to lose weight in 7 weeks joyfully (MY WEIGHTLOSS STORY)

healthy living Mar 17, 2021

Releasing anything is about making the decision to let something go. When we don't fully release something and we're still holding on to it; grappling with it, fighting with it, questioning it, worrying about it, we're actually still holding it. Whether it's weight or a relationship, or worry, doubt, and fear.  So the key to releasing anything is to truly make the decision that you're no longer available to hold it. 


In this blog post and video I want to share how I released 20 pounds in 7 weeks and the secret behind it.  I have lost and gained, released and found the same 20 pounds over and over again! This time around I got really crystal clear about why I wanted to lose weight and as a result I discovered things about myself. I truly believe that any diet works if you follow it, but there’s more to the journey than simply taking action. What I discovered about myself on this weight loss journey was that it was not even so much about taking action, but really being clear about the why.


Be clear on your WHY.

I wanted to lose weight, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I wanted to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and do so much more. But I knew I would have to have a big reason why if I was going to lose the weight and also stop drinking wine (and I LOVE my wine!).


And so one day in meditation, I sat down and I started writing my WHY. When I looked up, I had about 20 reasons why, and I honestly could have kept going. I sat with this for a moment. And I said, “Hmm, I wonder if you could come up with a hundred reasons why it's important for you to not only lose weight and get healthy, but also to stop drinking”. As I just let myself free fall into this, I looked up and I had about 50 reasons why. At that point I made a commitment that I would be committed for 100 days. That I would not drink wine or any other alcohol and that I would focus on my weight. And I just got started. 


Since I started I've declared and determined that this will be 101 days before I actually have a drink. I will continue to lose the weight and feel great and feel motivated. And every single day, I check in on my reasons “why”!.


There are a few other things that I learned about myself along the way. 


Be compassionate with yourself. 

I had to just be okay with the reasons why I gained 40 pounds in the first place. To understand that I think a lot of the weight gain came because I was overindulging in food and drink, and maybe looking for an escape in some ways. There's obviously the pleasure principle in that, but indulging too much will ultimately lead to things that we don't want—like additional weight. 


So I decided that I would choose other things to help me process something, to give me a sense of enjoyment and pleasure without it necessarily being a whole box of chocolates or having one slice of pizza and then finishing the entire pizza or not having one glass of wine, but frankly, a bottle of wine!  Compassion really came when I decided that I could choose something different.


You could allow yourself to experience a different way of release, pleasure or enjoyment that doesn't have to be food and drink. You don't have to continually look to food and drink to be the thing that helps you to get through something. That shift in perspective alone for me, made all the difference. 


Make this a non-negotiable.

I needed to see that while this is a process I have to make it a non-negotiable for me this time, because it wasn't going to be yet another time of doing the work, losing the weight, doing the exercise, but then not maintaining the lifestyle. I started at the most impractical time in December going into the Holiday season, with family. I had many get-togethers and traveled extensively. I returned to Florida and completely redesigned my condo. I had friends travel with me who were drinking wine and enjoying the beautiful weather. And I chose not to participate in eating or drinking anything that wasn’t on my program. I had made it a non-negotiable for myself and nothing was going to sway me.


Enjoy the journey.

When I decided that it is, in fact, a journey, I ended up enjoying it. I decided this time that enjoying the journey also meant enjoying the food that I am eating. Enjoying the journey meant that I can have smaller portion sizes and slow down and eat the food and really enjoy the taste and the experience of what I'm eating and really enjoy the healthier food choices and the tea I’m drinking.

I'm enjoying sparkling water and lots of it! All of these things that have made this experience joyful, and that is because I decided that I would enjoy the journey.


Find a health coach.

I am a coach myself but I also found a health coach for my journey! I work with people on helping them to use their story, to inspire their audience, attract their ideal clients and customers and make money with their stories but I'm not an expert in this whole weight loss journey. And I really do want someone to help me map it out, hold me accountable and, and be there with me along the journey!


I needed to do this with my coach and to check in with her regularly and to share with her the wins and the losses and the failures and the successes and all the things along the way. There's something to be said about telling someone else that you're doing this and having them hold you accountable, helping you to strategize what needs to take place for yourself and what you need to do. 


My journey is far from over but it's been enjoyable. And I think to myself, “Wow, if I had only done this sooner”. If I'd only set this non-negotiable, if I'd only been that much more compassionate with myself around the choices and forgiving, accepting and taking responsibility for where I was and then moving forward to do things differently.


This is my weight loss story! I hope that you have found this blog post and video useful and that you have benefited greatly from me sharing my story with you! I’m wondering if you too have a story that you would like to share with the world in order to inspire and transform? If so, I’d love to invite you to take advantage of my powerful video series on How to Use Your Story to Build a Six Figure Business.

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