Don't Give Up on Your Dreams Pep Talk (SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE)

Don’t ever give up or quit on your dreams. If you’re finding yourself at a crossroads right now, and you're considering stopping, giving up, throwing in the towel, then I hope this blog post and video is of service to you. If you're in the space right now, where you are considering quitting or stopping, whether in your business or in a relationship or with weight loss or anything, then read closely.

So many times when we're on a journey, things come up and we decide to throw in the towel and just give up and I want to remind you to never do that. You may be thinking, “I can't go another step” or “this is never going to work out” but here's what I want to ask you—If it's really important for you, if you knew that in the recesses of your mind and your heart, that you deserve what you are working for, that your life would be so much different if you had it, would it really matter how long it took to get there?  

Would it even matter that maybe it's not as easy as you anticipated? 



It is not about getting to the destination... It's about enjoying the journey. 

It's about experiencing everything that you are meant to experience along the way to attaining whatever that particular goal is. And if you give up on it, you then give up on the experiences that are meant for you on the journey, which could be so much more important to you than the actual attaining of the particular goal!

Back when I was preparing for marathons, I wasn’t even sure what to expect but I knew that I had to remain very consistent in my training and in my long and my short run, before running a successful marathon and actually completing the 26.2 miles. I knew I would need to practice, practice, practice otherwise I would never cross the finishing line. In my mind I believed that I'd never accomplish my goal unless I practiced and enjoyed it.

One day while I was training I popped my IT band in the middle of a run. I was out on a six mile run and I just hit three miles and was turning around and I felt like someone shot me in the knee. I dropped to the ground and I was in so much pain. I could walk regularly, but every time I would extend my leg to run, I couldn't do it. I walked home in tears, frustrated because I was weeks away from running my first marathon. And all I could think about was, “Oh my God, but I've done all of this training”. Plus it was a marathon at Disney and we had already bought the tickets! 

We were all ready to go. 

I had about five weeks left before it was time to go and I could have easily decided to throw in the  towel. Instead I made an appointment to go and spend time with a therapist who could help me to rehabilitate my IT band. I had to train differently. But what I had to do more than anything else was to DECIDE. To make the decision that I would still run this race. That even if I need to walk to complete it, I would do so because I refused to give up. I asked myself, “ What do I need to do to prepare myself?” as opposed to me saying, “That's it I'm done”. 

I'm so glad that I not only did what I needed to do to make sure that I healed my IT band so that I could actually run and complete the marathon. But the lesson in it for me was this—all of the runs that I did up until that time and every run that I did after that was to appreciate the ability to run, appreciate being outside, appreciate the fact that I trained my body up until this time to do a marathon and to not give up and to know that I was capable of achieving the completion of the marathon. I wasn't doing this to win or to qualify for a particular race, I just wanted to make sure that I completed what I went out to do. 

You might be in that very same situation. It could be in a relationship, it could be weight loss, it could be anything. And along the way, you've hit something that has you thinking about quitting. But your success could be right around the corner. And the minute that you decide to give up, you've not only cut off the opportunity to experience everything that you were supposed to learn in the journey, but you've also limited yourself from actually still accomplishing the goal! 

So don’t quit. Don’t give up.

I'm likely going to create some subsequent videos around not giving up because I realize sometimes this can go deeper, but I wanted at least to put something together for you, just in case you stumbled upon this blog post and you literally were in that space where you are thinking that your only option was to quit. There are 1,001 options other than to quit. And perhaps what this is, is the opportunity for you to explore something different and to choose differently so that you can still accomplish the goal!

But quitting is a guaranteed loss. Keep pressing forward, keep believing in yourself, keep challenging yourself and looking for the other options that exist. Don’t give up until you attain the goal. Believe in yourself, believe in your vision, believe in your dream. 

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