Being Optimistic in Uncertain Times (THRIVE IN BUSINESS)

There are certainly a lot of us around here talking about being optimistic in these uncertain times, and I get it, if thriving in business right now feels scary because you can't even figure out if you can go outside or give someone a hug or what it's going to mean to return to some sense of normal, then pay attention.

I get it. We have all been thrusted into this space of feeling fearful and in this space of lack and uncertainty. But I gotta tell you that it's probably now more than ever that you make a decision to thrive, not only in business and in your life.


We all have a choice of how we want to respond to any circumstance. 

We have a choice to decide who we are in response to any circumstance. And we get to decide what experience we want to have with any circumstance. Write those three things down because your response to what's going on right now is everything and it's all about choice. You really have to understand that it is up to you to make a firm choice around who you're going to become, how you're going to respond to a particular circumstance and what the experience is going to be for you. The other thing is whether or not you are going to choose to participate. I spent 30 years in the media and I had to participate by delivering the news and delivering the facts. But I can remember every night after anchoring the 11 o'clock news choosing to turn off whatever negative thoughts that were still running through my head about what I had just delivered on the news that night. These days I find myself doing the exact same things. 


Decide not to participate.

We need to be aware, we need to know what’s going on, but our level of participation in terms of how we want to feel or respond is up to us. Do not allow yourself to be dragged into the heavy emotions or dragged into the energy. Instead, bring your light, you can bring your positive energy, you can bring your optimism to any situation by simply deciding to choose to interject a level of optimism, finding the silver lining and focusing on that. We get what we focus on and what we focus on expands.

So if we're committed to bringing light and bringing a level of optimism despite heavy energy, I truly believe things will change. And really since it's all about choice, going back to the first tenant that I shared with you, then why not make a choice to not participate, but in your level of participation bring in a level of optimism and enthusiasm and light. 


Have unshakeable confidence. 

It’s really hard to have unshakeable confidence when we are facing uncertain times, when we don't even know if we're allowed to go out of the house next week, let alone whether or not our businesses are going to continue to grow and thrive. On some level we still have to maintain unshakable confidence. We have to really trust and have faith in a power that is greater than us. We have to believe that this too shall pass and find the solutions to the issues we face. If we leave our confidence up to whatever's going on or if we respond to what's going on in the moment, then it's really hard to maintain a level of unshakable confidence. The best way to do that is first and foremost have faith. It's about asking yourself, “what is possible? How can I shift? How can I pivot? How can I make a different choice?” Again, that word choice. “How can I resolve to be available to the next possible solutions showing up in my life and providing me with the next decisions that I need to make?” That's where our confidence becomes unshakeable. Then it's about believing in yourself and believing that this too shall pass. We will get past this and we'll be in a place where we can return to a new normal.

I invite you to be centered around having unshakable confidence so that you can celebrate in the future. 


Just take action. 

I have often said that sometimes the antidote to being stuck is just action, even if it’s imperfect. A body in motion stays in motion. And part of you moving into this more optimistic place and really thriving in business is for you to remain in action, to be consistent day in and day out with some simple steps consistently. 

If you're in sales it's about consistently showing up, getting on the phone, making phone calls, and guiding your particular clients or customers in the right choice of whatever it is that you offer. If you're writing a book, you've got to sit down and stay committed to the daily time that you have associated with writing your book. If you're in the middle of an exercise program or making a commitment to lose weight, you've got to continue to do those daily steps, those committed actions in spite of what's going on.  I want to remind you to be consistent and to take imperfect action.  Stay in action because the minute that we rest for too long or the minute that we totally give up, it is going to take that much more energy to get back into the swing of things. 


During this time I want to make sure you feel supported and stay in action and so I want to give you my 30 days of Everyday Courage program. It is my gift to you. Go to and grab this gift. I will send you an email each and every day to encourage you to be your absolute best, to encourage you to remain consistent in whatever course of action that you are committed to doing and to encourage you to have courage in this very uncertain time.


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