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Backstage with Darieth, my 1st newsletter in AGES

backstage newsletter Aug 20, 2019

I’m so delighted to launch this very special newsletter, designed to give you a “Backstage Pass” to my life! I'll be taking you behind the scenes on my travels and sharing inspiration and lifestyle tips to help you design the life and business of your dreams! 

I was inspired to begin this newsletter last month while sailing the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. While I was with my mastermind sisters in Mykonos I realized that there's so much more that I want to share with you about my life. There is an art to living that can often get overlooked in the hustle of daily life, and I want nothing more than to help you experience all of it!

So from fun stories and business tips to my favorite restaurants and outings, my hope is that you'll be inspired and entertained and feel just that little more connected to my community.

Grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and let's go backstage! It's been a big few months.


I'm so honored to have received two new Emmy nominations this month for my work with iQ: Smartparent in Pittsburgh! A special PBS television program about parenting in the digital age. If you haven't already, make sure to tune in and join the conversations. 


The Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) Awards happened this month and I was the keynote speaker. I remember when SWSG first launched their mission back in 2004 and it's been amazing watching the organization grow, impacting the lives of so many girls! As I stood in front of a room of nearly 500 people I couldn't help but feel overwhelming pride to be a part of such a special organization.


Thank you for all of your beautiful birthday wishes! I’m 51 now and have never felt better! I spent the day pampering myself and hanging out with my son and then enjoyed an incredible meal at Off the Hook in Wexford, PA. So delicious! I had halibut with brie, figs, arugula and a yummy fig sauce… Next time you're in the Pittsburgh area be sure to check it out: http://www.offthehookfish.com

On July 22, after fighting for two years, I finally received victory in my revenge porn and cyber harassment case! I am filled with so much gratitude, however, know that the work is just getting started. Our win has given wings to the 50 Shades of Silence documentary which we've recently finished filming and editing, and are hoping to see in film festivals very soon!

Read about my recent win.

Bravo to comedian Whitney Cummings for taking matters into your own hands and getting out in front of #revengeporn. Thanks to CNN Opinion and Holly Thomas for including my story, my fight and my work 50 Shades of Silence in this article.


I'm hosting a new training tomorrow night! We'll be talking about how to leverage your signature story to have booking agents excited about choosing you, how to use offstage strategies to ensure on-stage success, and how to greatly accelerate your speaking business success using the power of publicity!

If you haven’t already registered you can do so here:  www.darieth.com/speakermarketing

This week in my membership community, we have an awesome training with Terry Foster! Terry has helped hundreds of business owners learn the craft of Facebook Advertising and will be sharing his insider secrets this month with us.

If you really want to grow your brand using the power of Facebook advertising then I'd love you to join us! You can get 7 days free access and join us Live on our Masterclass call August 28th at 7pm. Click here to access free trial membership.



I'm delighted to be one of 50 experts presenting during the 50 ways to women’s wellness online summit.

50 Ways to Women’s Wellness brings together over 50 inspiring women experts to help you get the support you need in the areas of: health and healing, self-care, disease prevention, weight loss, energy, relationships, mental health, empowerment, financial freedom and more.

Over 7 days, you’ll learn the best secrets these extraordinary women have learned as they’ve risen to the top of their fields… in 7 action-packed days. Click here to learn more.

I can remember my first mentor telling me... “Darieth, don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel. If someone is successful doing what you want to do, learn everything you can, follow them, duplicate their efforts, soak it up.”

While I certainly believe in creativity, I’m also fiercely committed to saving time, money and energy trying to figure things out on my own. 

As a soloprenuer, author, coach, speaker, or consultant, it can be really easy to find yourself trying to make things happen all on your own. My tip for this week is to find a few people you can learn from, play with and whose footsteps you can follow in.

If you’re an author, speaker, coach, activist or consultant who dreams of being an influencer and making a greater impact helping others to live their best lives, I’ve got options for you. I’m here to help you build the life and business of your dreams!

Do you want to work with me? Are you ready to connect with your target audience, attract opportunities and make more money? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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I'm off to plan for a very exciting September! I have a few speaking engagements, a trip to Italy and fingers crossed; a little time spent in rest and relaxation! As you journey through your week I hope you'll take some time to slow down, to smell the roses and to bask in the joy of living. 

I'll speak with you again soon!



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