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Podcasting to Grow Your Business {Backstage with Darieth}

backstage newsletter Sep 17, 2019

Where… oh where did summer go? Time flies and it waits for no-one!
I’ll be honest with you, a big part of my life is absorbed with work and so often, weeks can go by without me even realizing that I’ve barely stopped to smell the roses.

Can you relate?

However, I’m determined not to let life go by without taking the time out to spend with my family, so the absolute best thing I did over these past few weeks was to spend an afternoon at the park with my son. I wanted to run through the fountain at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, like we did when he was a kid, but we opted for an hour on the park bench reminiscing and catching up.

If you’ve been around long enough you’ll know that my son Tre has been a huge inspiration in my life and during this conversation he reminded me of the importance of holding space for each other's dreams. He asked me, “What can I pray about for you today?” He so has my heart!

I’ll extend this to you. What are you dreaming about, who have you asked to pray for you, and are you praying for others?

Don’t let life get too busy, be present, be available, be there for yourself and for others.

In this issue I’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at some interviews I did this month, sharing my insider secret to maintaining a healthy diet, giving you updates about my membership community, sharing some great news about the 50 shades of silence documentary and throwing back to a very special episode of Hustle & Heart TV that shows you how to live a zesty, exuberant and full life!


I was in the studio on September 4th filming for CBS Eye on Health. I had an incredible conversation with a woman who was misdiagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Turns out it was a blessing in disguise. 


Tune in to hear her incredible story of survival and recovery, Monday 9/16 @ 7:30PM on KDKA in and Sunday, 9/22 @ 11:30AM on WPCW.



This month has been a big podcasting month for me! I had two amazing podcast interviews just last week. The first was with Jeff and Dan of On Track podcast. I met Dan a few years back, Dan’s mom was a marketing expert and local figure in Pittsburgh who was the 3rd guest I ever had on my video podcast Hustle & Heart TV back in 2014 (more on that below in this newsletter!). Jeff, Dan and I talked about everything from how men can support their significant other in business and the delicate balance between masculine and feminine energy, to how you can manage a busy schedule and why podcasting is a great vehicle for building your brand. Tune in here.

After that, I headed down to Boogie Street Studios for a special video interview with Eric McKenna! Eric turned his old guitar showroom into a podcast studio and so being in the space was both fun and different. It was an example of how media as evolved over the years with the rise of podcasting and how we all have the chance to build something memorable with a little creativity and a whole lot of heart. Eric filmed the whole interview. You can watch it here.


It’s been an awesome summer spent connecting with friends and family, several backyard BBQs,  four different outdoor festivals, including ChariVari House Music Fest in Detroit, the nations best Black Beer Festival FRESH FEST 2019 and finished out the summertime at Kennywood Amusement Park zipping around of the attractions and rollercoasters. 

50 Shades of Silence was officially selected to screen at the Borderscene Film Festival on Sept 7th in Las Cruces, New Mexico! It was a dream come to have my new short documentary make it to the big screen. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on upcoming film festivals and how you can host your a “private screening.”  Stay tuned for the details!

Ever struggle figuring out what to eat for dinner?

You are not alone.

With my busy schedule, I need to make things quick, simple, healthy and consistent.
I’m holding myself accountable to sharing my weight loss journey in the next newsletter, in the meantime here’s my backstage secret to having fresh, healthy and organic meals.

I turned to Green Chef. Every week they deliver an assortment of meals, fresh and ready to prepare with all organic ingredients and a recipe card so I can’t get it wrong.

Try them out, and with my referral link you can save $25 on your first order.


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Zesty, exuberant, full of life and on a mission! That's exactly how I described Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy.

Elizabet, has since passed away, but her memory lives on. In our special video podcast interview she shared why she believes women should give themselves permission to get loud and be assertive, be authentic and be fully present.

Watch and learn more about the concepts that brought her and several others, a great deal of success.

Hustle & Heart TV with Elizabet Rodriguez Dennehy

Have you ever thought about using podcasting to grow your business?

Podcasting is a powerful media that you can leverage to share your story. With so many podcasters looking for great content, meaningful conversations and a chance to expose their audience to women like you, now is the time to line yourself up as a guest on a few shows. Plus podcasts are evergreen, which means the content can be discovered for months and years to come!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Search iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Podbean and other directories for podcasts you enjoy listening to and whose content relates to your topic, story, business or interest.
  2. Create a pitch letter that includes details about you and your work and why you think you would be an ideal guest
  3. Frequently send out requests for shows you’d like to be on and make sure to follow up.
  4. Be prepared with a microphone, headphones, and free gift you’d like to offer listeners.

Want more great tips to growing your speaking business? Head on over to messenger to grab your free Speaker Publicity Roadmap and join me on a fun journey where I’ll be sharing short daily prompts to help you grow your business. Grab your free Roadmap.

Here’s to your September to remember and all of the amazing adventures you have planned. I'm off to Italy next week for a special mastermind and private coaching! I’ll share more in my next newsletter.

Until then, I’m sending prayers to you and in support of your biggest dreams coming true!

I'll speak with you again soon!



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