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RE: Love and Black History {Backstage with Darieth}

backstage newsletter Feb 18, 2020

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Volume 8 |  February 18, 2020


We won!!! I could barely contain myself when the MC announced that my film 50 Shades of Silence won Best Documentary Short at the Chandler International Film Festival. All of the years of filming, personal and legal challenges, time, money and advocacy all wrapped up in one amazing award and recognition. And we received it on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend! 

During a time of celebration for Dr. King’s fight for civil rights and equality, I celebrate and acknowledge my work for cyber civil rights.. I received the honor on behalf of victims of revenge porn, cyber sexual assault and cyber harassment. 

Today I want to celebrate this award with you!!! I used my voice to end the silence and raise awareness about a cause that heavily impacted my life. 

While I hope that nothing like this ever happens to you, I do hope that you find a cause that you’re so passionate about, so compelled by... 

A purpose and story so big and exciting that you are inspired to use your voice and share your story to impact the people around you in a special way.

Are you ready?


P.S. My calendar is full of women who are saying “yes!” to their calling! If you’re ready to use your voice, step on stage, build a business or become a creator, book into my calendar here.

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Receiving my award at the Chandler Film Festival

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Finding a touch of serenity in Sedona

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Delivering my free speaker marketing training 4 times in the last 30 days!

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While I was in Arizona for the Chandler Film Festival I had the opportunity for some downtime. I took a two hour road trip to Sedona and was reminded of the healing power of our natural surroundings. Maybe you don’t have the chance to zip on over to Sedona, however there are still ways you can decompress, find your serenity and reconnect to yourself naturally. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to extend love to myself:

  • Fresh cut flowers and or beautiful plants. I love bringing a little bit of the outdoors into my home. It grounds me and reminds me that I’m a part of nature while adding a touch of extra beauty to my space.
  • Massage and bodywork. I get massages every single month because investing into myself and my wellness is a non-negotiable for me. Massage helps to promote circulation, eases tension and makes me feel relaxed in my body, which is essential to performing at my best.
  • Using essential oils and scented candles. My favorite scents are lavender and anything with rose petals. They remind me of napping in my grandmother's arms on her lap. I also make sure to burn a candle with jasmine or cedarwood whenever I’m relaxing at home.

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I can still remember the day Iconic Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks presented me with a scholarship to college for Journalism and Storytelling. Growing up poor in Detroit, I would have never made it without it. Ever since then I’ve worked hard to make her proud.


It set me on a course to winning multiple Emmy Awards, enjoying a 30 year news career, publishing a book, developing one of the first video podcast shows on iTunes and even directing and producing an award winning documentary, helping victims “Use their Voice” and end the silence around cyber harassment.

I believe Rosa Parks would be happy to know that I also use my storytelling methods to help other women develop richer, deeper, more impactful stories that connect and engage with their audience.  

So during this Black History Month I want to give a special shout-out to Ms. Rosa Parks and all the incredible Black women making waves, changing the game and living full out in their purpose!



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