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Don't let the sun set on your dreams {Backstage with Darieth}

backstage newsletter Apr 16, 2020

Volume 10 | April 16, 2020


Who knew that being home could be so enjoyable? Seriously, I've often said "I live out of a suitcase". Well, not now of course. While I miss jumping on a plane to the next new and exciting destination, I have also enjoyed the quiet, calm and beauty of being home. From skipping, yes skipping, around the neighborhood (burning a few more calories and way more fun!), and cooking up some new plant-based recipes, having virtual house parties with my family and girlfriends, taking long baths, hula hooping, drawing on the sidewalk with neighbors and playing jacks on the floor!

I've also been using the time to deepen in my faith, while prayer and meditation have taken on a new meaning. I’ve been reading more books, filming YouTube videos and working on some exciting new collaborations and partnerships. 

While I'm fully aware of the pandemic and the pain being experienced by many people, I'm also focused on the possibilities that this increased downtime is affording all of us. The bottom line is, I’m choosing to reinvent myself, play like children do and be conscious to not let the sun set on my dreams!

How are you using this time? If you’re looking for a few new things to do, I have a few suggestions below.

I'm also sending you my love and light and wishing you and your family the very best.


P.S. While business has slowed down for many people there are a few determined women who are planning to leave this shelter-in-place better than they entered it. If that’s you, book into my calendar here.

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Playing with my new Hula Hoop!Placeholder Image


Learning some new plant-based recipes.

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Spreading cheer through street art

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When life feels hard, play a little.

Over the years I’ve come to find that during hard times one of the best things I can do is slow down and find ways to incorporate more play into my life. Play lightens your mood, allows you to connect with yourself and others in a way we often don’t have time for in day to day life. Over the past few weeks I’ve taken the pressure off life by choosing to do more fun things like Hula Hoop, watch more fun things on Netflix and interact more lightly with the people around me and it’s made all the difference!



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A few months before all of this went down I had decided to adopt a plant based lifestyle. I wanted to feel lighter, more energetic and alert. Meat has a tendency to make me feel sluggish at best! 

So I signed up for Green Chef meal delivery and it’s been incredible! They ship all the ingredients and I’ve been eating like a QUEEN. This week I have Buffalo cauliflower with kale salad and pecans, Bavarian Power Bowl with quinoa, roasted potatoes, beets, apple and sauerkraut and a teriyaki portobello rice bowl on the menu. 

If you’re looking for some new ideas to spice up your menu and learn some new recipes while you’re in lock-down then use this link to save up to $55 on your order.  www.greenchef.com/invite/UMyqur



A couple of years ago while in the midst of my revenge porn case, which spawned my 50 Shades of Silence documentary and global social justice movement, I decided to create a resource called 30 Days of Everyday Courage. In the darkest period of time in my life, I began advocating for victims cyber civil rights, landed myself on a TEDx stage and produced and directed an Award-winning documentary. I was able to dig deep and find peace and confidence amidst pain and trials. And so I wanted to equip others with the tools and beliefs that would allow them to take consistent, inspired action, increase creativity and commit daily acts of courage. 

Now seems like a perfect time to dive into this 30 day experience and so I’m giving it to you completely free. Go to www.30daysofeverydaycourage.com now to get registered.

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For a limited time this $30 course is FREE. It's my gift to you.

30 Days of Everyday Courage, along with the guided meditations, journal and earbuds or T- shirt normally sells for $97. ($197 Value)

Proceeds from the sales go to support 50 Shades of Silence, a global social justice movement and Indie Documentary created to give voice and dignity to victims of cyber harassment.

You can have full access to 30 days of "Acts of Courage" at no cost, simply for enrolling today. Enjoy and be well. 

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A few weeks ago I relaunched my YouTube Channel after a multiple year hiatus! I’m sharing tons of valuable and free content on how to build your business with speaking both virtually and in-person and how to create passive income! My video on 5 Ways to Create Passive Income as a Coach has been really popular! Head on over to YouTube and check it out now.

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**By the way, now is the time to get your online platform off the ground.

More and more people are setting up their online courses and programs and looking for more ways to be proficient online. If you are looking for a powerful all in one platform to support your business needs from the beginning and as you grow. Then I invite you to take a free 28 day test drive on the platform that changed and revolutionized my business. Here's my special link that gives you support, tools, the system and the next right steps to take.  https://app.kajabi.com/r/xFqjvjSV/t/crnxtwy8



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You may know how much I love hosting retreats and attending them. And since all in-person get togethers have been postponed I’m delighted to be present in online retreats. I’m one of the featured speakers in the Quintessence virtual retreat that’s happening online May 15-17. The retreat is all about forgiveness and the spiritual principles and practices needed to move forward powerfully in our lives.

During the Quintessence 3- Day Virtual Retreat you will learn:

  • Spiritual modalities that will help you expand your energy further into the world.
  • How to fully release past resentments and open the doors to your heart-center.
  • Sacred grounding tools that will help you to evoke your divine blueprint.
  • Forgiveness Alchemy.
  • How to activate co-creative powers that have been dormant inside of us.
  • Springtime Detox (wood time-liver time).
  • How to dissolve our limitations and soul contracts through forgiveness work.
  • Potent daily practices that clear your energy channels and create the foundation for divine communication and downloads.

...All of this and much more!

The universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. Are you willing to expand with it?

It’s just $33 for the weekend. Register here:




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Join me for the next training on how to Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Magnetic Speaker!

Learn the steps you’ll need to tell your story, attract more clients and launch your speaking business:

  • How to put an end to limiting beliefs about whether you’re good enough to win and wow with your story and your message.
  • The Secret to getting an inbox full of speaking requests.
  • Fixing the #1 problem new speakers have… how to set and get their speakers fees.



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I can’t think of a better time to invest in a low cost monthly membership community!

When I was thinking about what we could bring to you this month in Speak. Serve. Soar. Members Academy that was both useful and relevant to what’s happening in the world right now, the work of Rania Badreldin came to mind. 

Rania Badreldin is a happiness consultant, international speaker and TEDx presenter, NLP and Hypnosis Master practitioner and coach, and seasoned social entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people across the globe live happier lives.

I think we could all use a little more peace and happiness in our lives right now. Do you agree?

When you join us in Speak. Serve. Soar this month, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome fear and self-doubt
  • How scientists define happiness and how to create your OWN definition.
  • How to align your actions with your dreams AND enjoy the journey!

Join us now so you can attend Rania’s live Masterclass Q&A this month on Zoom. Join here.



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Special Pricing - Strategy Laser Coaching 

Now is not the time to slow down your goals or cancel your dreams. It is the time to laser focus on goals, strategy and next steps. So I’m offering 90-minute coaching sessions regularly priced at $1500 at a special rate of $997.

Limited spaces are available. 

This is what Janet had to say about her laser coaching session with me and how she nailed a $5,000 speaking gig after working with me.

You can use this time with me to work on developing your speakers fees, coaching packages, sales conversations from the stage or with clients or I can show you how you can find speaking gigs for when the Pandemic ends.

My schedule is filling up and I only have a few of these spots at this deeply discounted price available so please take a moment to apply here www.darieth.com/speaker



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