How to use your voice confidently (YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD)

You deserve to use your voice. You have the right to use your voice. And any time you are quiet and don’t give yourself permission to speak out about the things that matter to you, there are people who are missing out on the message and story that only you can share. In this video and blog post, I want to dive into just a few things that might help you in using your voice at this crucial time when speaking up truly matters.


If you're sitting there questioning how you’re going to speak up then this video and blog post is directly for you. So what does it take to use your voice when you’re feeling afraid?

First and foremost, you have to believe that you are worthy. 


You are worthy of receiving whatever it is that you desire and that you imagine and you have the right to use your voice. In fact, you deserve to use your voice around any issues that matter. This month we are celebrating Women's History month, and the hundreds of thousands of women who have constantly used their voice to fight for issues that matter, particularly our right to vote. As we pay homage and are humbled by their activity, it also reminds me that each of us has something to say, and yet so many women take a back seat and are afraid to let their voices be heard. Women who are getting ahead in life and making strides in their life and business are boldly and bravely taking the stage, picking up the microphone, turning on the camera, typing social media posts, and just emphatically stating their beliefs without fear, without worry, without judgment, simply because they trust that there's somebody out there who needs to hear the message


It’s essential that you understand and recognize your own value. 


Putting yourself out there is necessary because there is someone who needs to hear your story and whose life will be transformed by your message. At the end of the day people who use their voices powerfully to speak about things that matter to them most recognize and realize their own value. But what I've discovered is that there are so many of us, myself included, who question if what they have to say is really important. They’re asking themselves the question of, “Who's really going to listen to what I have to say and why would using my voice make a difference?” It’s the same analogy when people say “Why does it matter that I vote? My vote really doesn't count”. Yes, it does. And so you must use your voice in the same way, because your voice matters.


You have the ability to use your voice. 


It’s up to you to decide when you will begin speaking up and speaking out. You don't need some magic wand to be waived, or the permission from someone else, or the right number of likes or enough people that are buying your stuff. You get to use your voice simply because we have the right to do it. When you realize that the choice is yours and your remaining silent is in service to no-one, this is when everything will shift for you. Don’t be caught up in perfection, thinking that it has to be done in a certain way. The message that's bubbling up inside of you comes from you. It's authentic, it's real, it's raw and it's up to you to use it. While there may be people who judge it, you don't get to let that judgment make a difference in your life. You just simply get to say what's on your heart and on your mind.


There are people out there who will accept it and want to hear from you more often, but you've got to be brave enough to let your voice be heard. 


You're good enough. 


You're good enough to speak out about a particular thing even as it shifts and changes. God is with you on this journey reminding you that you're good enough to share your message. Reminding you that you have the right to use your voice and you deserve to use your voice in the world. Your people are waiting and wanting to hear from you. 


So when and where will you show up and use your voice?If you’re at this point in your life where you're saying “I'm ready to use my voice to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others,” then I want to invite you to watch my free video series. 


The video series is about how to use your story to build a six-figure income and so if you’re interested in doing that you’re probably going to love the video series, but if you're also in a place where you are looking at how to deepen your worthiness, believe in yourself and learn how to move through self doubt to fully step into your next level of success, then this video series is going to be perfect for you.


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