Showing up for yourself fearlessly (DO IT SCARED)

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you press record just seconds before shooting a video or going live on Facebook or the Gram? Are you ever worried about what people are going to think and say, and so you stop recording. Or maybe you sat there all day long, tormenting yourself thinking about what to say or wondering whether or not what you have to say makes sense. What does it take to show up scared or afraid and do it anyway? In this video and blog post I’m sharing some tips on how you can get over it and finally push play and share your message with the world. 


Before we dive in let me tell you a story. I have spent all of my life on television. I started when I was 18 and I'm now 52. I have been a news anchor in Pittsburgh, I've hosted multiple television shows. I've continued to do television work and media work, I've spoken on over 600 stages. So you would think that I would not have a problem turning on a video camera and actually doing a Facebook live or recording a video for YouTube. But I'm going to be honest with you. Every time I have to sit down and do it, I get all kinds of butterflies going! I start second guessing myself and I get caught up in my head wondering if people are going to like what I have to say, if it’s going to be helpful or even if anybody is going to watch it! I procrastinate and look for things to distract myself with. Today I even walked my neighbors dog! I’ve never walked my neighbors dog before! So know this… even people like myself who have been on camera for YEARS or who are wildly successful, still have doubts, worries, and fears about showing up—they just show up anyway.


Today I’m going to be raw and honest with you about what it takes for me to pull my hair together, put some makeup on and push play just to deliver these messages to you!


Let’s dive into 5 tips that I hope will be beneficial for you in showing up authentically and just doing it scared!


1. Forget who’s watching.

Don’t be concerned with whether anybody watches! You owe it to yourself to share what's on your heart, to share what's in your soul and to be vocal about the things that matter to you. Now more than ever we have platforms that allow us to do that. Whether it's YouTube videos, Facebook lives, clubhouse, Instagram lives, or podcasts. You can get your messages out. You just have to be committed to sharing it. Even when it feels scary you don't have to be perfect. 


If you're committed to building a business or changing other people's lives or getting a message out you have to release fears around who’s watching. So share your message, share it unapologetically, make sure that it's coming from you from your soul. 


2. Rest your mind.

You've got to turn off all of the stuff that's playing in your head that literally stops you. That creates all of the obstacles and the distractions that get in your way. That means you have to rest your mind, silence your mind, silence the critic that's showing up and do it anyway. Just do it anyway. Decide that you’re not going to listen to the negative chatter that's going on in your head and instead listen to your heart and my soul. 


3. You've got to take action. 

You have to be available to understand that done is better than perfect. Done is always better than perfect because at least it's completed. You can be so attached to perfection and then someone out there will rip it apart anyway. Others will inevitably judge you, some will ridicule you and then all of a sudden you will begin judging yourself and it won’t be perfect for you. So the bottom line is, done is better than perfect. Just get it done and on your way to making it perfect. You can fine tune, but if you never get it done, you'll never know what it means to move closer and closer to your ideal of perfection. So done is better than perfect.


4. Bless your work. 

If nothing else I’ve said resonates with you, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart  that you deserve to truly bless your work. Bless your dreams, bless your desires. Don’t you ridicule them or tear them down or judge them. You must bless them. You must do your work, get it done. And then bless it, send it on its way. There are people who need your work. To bless your work is like just freely releasing it and allowing it to go do its work.


So I invite you to bless your work. It will make it so much easier when it's time for you to show up and show up fully. When you release it, you've just blessed it and, and allowed it to go on its way. 


5. Don’t compare yourself with others.

There's so much chatter and so much noise on the internet. Every time we see something else zipping past us, we think we should’ve done something differently and we get ourselves locked in this comparison trap that does us no good. 


So I invite you to also get rid of any form of comparison. Put your blinders on and remember that done is better than the perfect. Do the work, release any comparison and share your message. 


Take it from someone who is naturally an introvert, but who has collected a ton of trophies, honors, awards and recognition. Self-doubt and fear of visibility does not go away. But you must show up fully and push through even when you’re afraid. 


I hope that these five tips will be instrumental in you pushing play or pushing record so that the world can hear your message. 


If you’re ready to use your voice to build a six figure income in your business. I’d love you to register to receive my free five-part video series on how you can share your message with the world. It's a wonderful training video series that I hope will be instrumental in supporting you to use your voice to change the world. Watch it here: 


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