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get paid to speak Apr 22, 2020

If you're new to speaking then you may have questions about speaker one sheets and how precisely they are supposed to help you get booked. What should you include and what shouldn't you include? Well, I’ve got you covered. In this video and blog post I'm going to dive into some great examples of speaker one sheets, some do's and don'ts, what to include and what not to include, and how best to use a speaker one sheet to get you booked for your first or next speaking gig. 


I've seen lots of speakers sheets, one sheets, media kits, and portfolio examples that come from a variety of speakers. I've worked with speakers to coach them on how to develop their speaker one sheet and I've sat on several different speaking committees to hire speakers for various events. Over the years there's been a pretty good indication as to why a speaking bureau, a speakers organization, or anyone for that matter would decide to choose a one speaker over another. And I can tell you that if you want to get to the top of the pile, you've got a great speakers one sheet.



We're going to talk a little bit more about what to include and what not to include. 

One of the first places that I begin working with my clients is on putting together a good portfolio. While it is nice to have a long media kit that you can share with others when you're just getting started, it's truly important that you at least put things together in what's called a speakers one sheet or a speaker sheet. So I want to get into a couple of the key components that you're also going to want to use and a real working example of what a speaker's one sheet looks like. I’m also going to take you inside of one of my courses Offstage so we can peruse  some of the content that is inside of the course that shows you some of the fundamental pieces needed to stand out in the marketplace as a speaker.


Your speaker sheet should be simple and on brand.

You'll notice here that I have that as step one, right? You should really be thinking about marrying in your business cards, website and other collateral. The brand that you've already created for yourself should also be complementary. As part of your speaker's one sheet you are going to want to include a photo of yourself, your contact information, your name, byline and content information as well as any testimonials, whether from people who've worked with you in the past, people who've heard you speak or maybe some organizers who have hired you to speak.


You certainly want to include your social media handles with what we call embedded links, so if you're emailing this speaker's one sheet to someone, they could actually click on any of the links that you have inside and go right out to your social media. You want to include at least three of your main speaking topics, a very short bio, generally not more than one paragraph. Also any organizations or events that you've worked with in the past would be great. Certainly if you are an author and you want to include the book cover, this can help you to stand out. Plus any projects that you worked on. 


Including your rates is optional. In most instances I don't encourage my speakers to include their speakers fees, but it is optional because we do see many people doing that.


Watch the video for some great visual examples.


Another option that I would encourage you to do is to put that you can also customize a speaking experience. You may include your “as seen on or in”, and show the logos of any media that you've been featured in. So if you've been on television or on a podcast or radio or in a magazine, you want to put the logos there and then if you decide that you want to include your speakers rates, you can definitely include that. To do this you may include a little bit of a highlight of whatever you might offer if you're doing a workshop, a keynote address, a half day seminar or a full day seminar, and then what those rates would include. But again, this is optional. 


As I mentioned when I work with a lot of my clients I actually tell them not to include rates because you want to begin your negotiations based on what the event is telling you that they have available to pay a speaker's fee. 


Let’s talk about design. 

You can find a great graphic designer on or you can also develop your own with Canva. In the video I share a speaker one sheet example from Corey Wamsley. Corey is one of my amazing clients who's also in my Offstage 90 day mentorship. As part of her deliverables, Corey put together a really nice media kits. On her first page of her media kit, Corey does a great example of introducing you to her and the work that she does. Her bio it's much more expanded. It's important that you showcase your body of work as it relates to where you've been seen or heard. Now we really get into looking at where you've been featured and Corey highlights various different podcasts, TV, radio publications that she's been featured on as well. She has authored several books, so she highlights each of her books, not just one, but many of them. She gets into more of her spark method and how she works with her clients and who this is for. She's very detailed because this media kit can not only be delivered to people who might be interested in learning more about you, but maybe your clients who are interested in hiring you. So you give them a copy of this as opposed to spending a great deal of time on your website. Corey also highlights the reviews that she's received as well as testimonials from various clients and other people who have worked with her. She also gets into much more detail of her additional services that she offers. Many of us are multitalented. We don't just do one thing. So in this case, Corey highlights her various services as well as her workshops and presentations. 


A one sheet is a quick high level overview of a media kit. 

Corey tucked hers neatly into her media kit and bullet pointed the speaking topics, her short bio and where she's been featured and a few testimonials. Additionally, she's done something that I also encourage people to do and that is to create a list of suggested questions or talking points so that you can also deliver this to someone who's interested in interviewing you. These days with so many people having podcasts and blogs and YouTube channels, you can easily come up with a list of questions for people to ask. So I would encourage you to include that in your media kit as well. Don’t forget to finish up with your contact information.


Other clients include their workshop information, in case corporations or organizations are interested in them coming in to facilitate a training or a workshop. 


I also wanted to share my media kit with you. 

I do have a single one page, but my media kit is one that includes my body of work and highlights my work as a TV host, speaker, author, coach, activist and filmmaker. I break down the various categories inside of the media kit as well as my speaking topics.

I do want to point out that with speaking topics it's really important to have at least one signature speech and as you continue to develop your speaking skills and find more speeches to deliver, you can of course expand on your speaking topics. My media kit is available for anyone to review on my website and I send this along to prospective organizers for speaking events as well as for people who are interested in interviewing me. I also give this to my clients. Your media kit is truly an expansion of the body of work that you have. I have highlighted my documentary and the various places that it has been featured and won awards for my various appearances. I include previous engagements. And of course I highlight my book with a cover photo of it, the video podcast show that I hosted as well as my signature trainings and workshops. I also feature the various different speaking retreats that I offer and my 90 day mentorship program as well as my membership. 


This is so that if I am delivering this to a prospective client, they can get a sense for all of the work that I do and have that as an option. I share testimonials from various places that I have spoken at as well as if you take a look at the website, you'll see my client testimonials and then how people can book me. I also make this available on my website. Having a media kit is a great way for you to easily email someone a comprehensive look at your body of work that goes beyond just your speaker's one sheet and into your media kit.


Having a speaker's sheet is really just the start of all things. You're going to need a variety of different marketing tools and tactics to present yourself as a speaker and you're in the right place. Because I've got a special free training for you. You can simply go to to register for a free web class where I talk about some key ingredients that you need for an effective speaker marketing plan. I really want to encourage you to go ahead and register for that training to get some additional tools that you'll need. It is truly a crowded marketplace out there. There are people all over the world looking to get speaking gigs and whether they're online or offline, you really do need to figure out how to up the ante and showcase yourself as a world class speaker.


No matter what, be expressive. Show your creativity in your speakers sheet and all of your marketing because it is crowded and you do want to dazzle. You want people to understand exactly who you are, what you have to offer so your presentation and your speakers sheet is really important.


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