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There's power in proximity {Backstage with Darieth}

backstage newsletter Dec 03, 2019


It’s only been a few weeks since I last sent you an update but so much has happened in this time! I’ve been traipsing all over the country from Fort Myers, to Pittsburgh and Detroit, plus this month I’m off to Los Angeles and Miami! Years ago, before I quit my TV News Anchor Job, I dreamed of designing the life and business I desired and deserved. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's now filled with hosting retreats, visiting family, connecting with old friends, enjoying the holiday season and basking in the excitement of seeing my documentary accepted into multiple festivals (more on that later).

I love this time of year not just because I get to spend priceless moments with family and friends who I love dearly, but because there’s a certain buzz I can feel in the air. It’s the buzz of passionate people who aren’t winding down, but are gearing up to launch into a New Year with excitement and intention! And I know you are one of those people too! 

There is so much in store for 2020 that I can’t wait to share with you, however in the meantime, let’s get caught up!


P.S. My calendar is full of women who are saying “yes!” to their dream of designing a more beautiful life and business! If you’re ready to journey alongside me and other creative women making their dreams come true, book into my calendar here.


Spending time with my Mom in Detroit! She always has wisdom for me.



Welcoming another wonderful group of women to one of my storytelling and speaker retreats!


Celebrating my little sister’s 50th birthday!


There's power in proximity 

You’ve undoubtedly heard that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” But have you ever heard that there is power in proximity?

If you desire to be a powerful woman then it’s essential that you form strong in-person bonds with other women who can support and elevate you to your next level of success. I speak to women every day who tell me they are isolated, spending hours in front of the computer and on their devices trying to connect with people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, snapchat..you name it. They’ve lost the personal, face to face, live interaction and true sisterhood with other women.

Hugs, relationship, connection are so key to your happiness and success!

How will you create closer proximity to other women in your life?



A few weeks ago I hosted the first ever Offstage: Business of Storytelling Retreat in stunning Miromar Lakes, Florida and it was one for the books! We connected, bonded, set goals and actions plans and developed the strategies to help each of them grow their influence and finally get paid to share their stories on and offstage.

There are 3 upcoming retreats in 2020 that are designed to help you finally get your speaking business of the ground.

All Rise: Art of Storytelling Retreat is January 10-12th AND May 1-3rd: Learn more or register for the All Rise Retreat here.


Offstage: Business of Storytelling Retreat is March 13-15thLearn more or Register for the retreat here.



As you may know I’ve been standing strong and using my voice, my story and my platform to advocate and educate about revenge porn. Two things happened this month. A judge in Jamaica handed down judgement against my ex-boyfriend after a nearly 3 year international and precedent setting case. He was sentenced to 2 years prison and 1 million dollars (Jamaican dollars). One of the toughest sentences worldwide for this awful crime. 
I can breathe a sigh of relief. There is finally some closure in my personal quest for justice. However, I’m painfully aware that others may never see this day and therefore my mission continues through my documentary and my social global justice project, 50 Shades of Silence, which brings me to the second piece of big news. I’m so proud to announce the documentary has been accepted into the Chandler Film Festival and the Culver City Film Festival!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, or know others who are, please join me at the screening at the Culver City Festival: Friday December 6th at 4pm. Get tickets here.




I’m excited to be hosting my free speaker marketing training TONIGHT on the Key Ingredients to Building An Effective Speaker Marketing Plan. During the webinar we'll be talking about how to leverage your signature story to have booking agents excited about choosing you, how to use offstage strategies to ensure on-stage success, and how to greatly accelerate your speaking business success using the power of publicity!




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This week in the Speak. Serve. Soar private membership community, we have an awesome training with Claudine François!

Claudine François is a Detox Lifestyle Coach who helps successful women entrepreneurs break the cycle of self-destructive eating, shame and guilt by creating a pathway for women to get off the busyness merry-go-round so they can learn to put themselves first and operate at optimum levels of success.

As a former CFO of a multi-national company, Claudine found herself in a constant state of stress, which led her into a cycle of over-indulging in what she later discovered to be harmful foods to her body, and reeling from the consequences (frequent headaches and migraines, sluggishness, inflammation, bloating, leaky gut and weight gain).

She decided to take control of her life by leaving that job and starting her own business helping women entrepreneurs step into stress- and toxic-free lifestyles with her own practices, recipes (that taste amazing AND nourish the body) and lifestyle strategies. She is now happy to be the successful woman entrepreneur’s guide to food bliss and enjoying life again!

Ready to detox and get set for 2020, join us in Speak, Serve, Soar!

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