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backstage newsletter Aug 18, 2020

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Volume 14 | August 18, 2020


It’s my birthday month and phew, has it been a big and exciting one! I love celebration and this month I feel like there’s just one celebration after the next! 

On August 15th I turned 52! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun right?! And what’s a party without cake, tequila and champagne! It was the perfect day! And I’m blessed to spend it with my family and friends.

I’m also celebrating my film, 50 Shades of Silence, official selection and screening this Friday night August 21st at 7pm EST at the Trinity Detroit International Film Festival. I'm feeling excited, nervous, proud, liberated and ready! It’s been a long journey and I’m so grateful for my team, supporters and the brave women who shared their stories as we banned our voices together to end the silence of revenge porn and cyber harassment. You can join us and watch from the comfort of your home! I’m going to share the details below.

In spite of Covid and the conditions we face, I’m happy to say that this month has been one of the best I’ve had all year and I’m so happy I can share some of my favorite highlights with you!

I know we are all facing a lot of challenges and changes with Covid-19 and many pressing social and financial concerns. I believe now more than ever that we have to find things to celebrate. So tell me,  what are you celebrating? Appreciation and celebration go hand and hand, so share with me what you are appreciating? Please hit me back in the replies and let me know. 



P.S. My schedule is about to get more full, I’ll be traveling the country filming a new TV show for the Discovery Channel and Science Channel so I only have a few spaces available to take on new clients. If you’re ready to create the business of your dreamsbook into my calendar here.

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If you love Tequila, you have to try Cincoro made by Michael Jordan! It’s a slam dunk!

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Celebrating my transition back home to Detroit with a short trip to Mexican town for authentic Mexican food!

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On location filming with Tomorrow’s World Today.

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Celebrate the little things.

How often do you just take a moment to celebrate the small things in life? From cooking a full day of healthy meals, to blocking out time in your schedule for self-care, to landing your first client, investing in yourself through buying a new book or spending time with family during a time you’d usually be working, there’s so much to celebrate when you are making choices that support YOU. It can be really hard sometimes to acknowledge that your life deserves celebration! And every time you celebrate you intentionally add a little magic back into your life.

How will you celebrate more this month?



I’m reading The Surrender Experiment. It’s this incredible story from Michael A. Singer about what happened when he decided to let go, move to the woods by himself and embrace a life of solitude. The story is just so calming and inspiring to think about what can happen when you surrender and let life lead you. I definitely recommend reading this book if you’re needing to learn how to just let go and let God in this season of life.

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You’ve likely heard the old saying “turn your mess into your message”. We’ve heard it at church, we’ve heard it in the media, we hear it every time someone is trying to inspire or motivate us to rise above our circumstances and use our lives to help others.

But how do you actually tell your personal story? How do you go about writing and delivering a powerful story that flips your pain on its head and gives it a major purpose?

You can watch my new YouTube video for ideas on how at



Grab your ticket to watch 50 Shades of Silence this week at the Trinity Detroit Film Festival:

I can still hear the voice in my head.. (I know it was God) whispering to me to ...end my silence, use my voice, share my story and leverage my platform to talk openly about "Revenge Porn", a form of cyberbullying and online harassment that is impacting, women, children, and marginalized people worldwide.

I felt so afraid, humiliated, and embarrassed, wondering "what would people think of me" if they googled my name and found all of these naked photos and videos of me. Put up on a website created by a jealous, vindictive ex-boyfriend who had been secretly taking them to exact revenge because I wanted to leave the relationship.

I remember thinking to myself, "This kind of thing doesn't happen to professional 50-year women like me!"

And yet I soon came to realize "it does" and is happening to one out four people...and there are very few laws in place to protect victims and punish perpetrators.

Worse, the victim-blaming and victim shaming leave so many people locked away in a world of silence and shame, fearful of character assassination, ridicule, backlash, and retaliation.

Enough is Enough!

So, I chose to listen to God's instructions and stand in my power, turn my mess into my message, and go public with the very story he threatened to destroy me with.

I didn't know where or how to begin!

It took me two years to film and another 6 months to decide how to edit it and what to do with it! (While my background is 30 years as TV news anchor and host, turned speaking and visibility coach, that did not make me a filmmaker)

Still, I pressed on and did not give up!

I don't think I fully realized the potential and power of creating a social justice documentary when I made the commitment to film, direct and star in my first Indie documentary

Yes, I knew it would be controversial, educational, impactful, and full of powerful women sharing their stories and my own personal journey fighting revenge porn and image abuse.

Still, I never imagined it would make it into six film festivals and win a few awards!

Now I'm bringing it to my hometown of Detroit, Mi.

I'm proud to announce 50 Shades of Silence has been officially selected to screen at the 14th Annual Detroit Trinity Film Festival 2020.

I hope some of you incredible Schmillies in this group will join me from the comfort of your home (you can watch it virtually) on Friday, August 21st at 7pm EST.

Please go to to grab your ticket.

Please also visit and share the website never know who is battling cyber-harassment or who needs to create "something...out of nothing"

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It’s been a while since I’ve been LIVE on one of my training sessions for speakers who want to market themselves and leverage online speaking opportunities for their business. So I’m happy to be back at it! Tonight August 18th at 7pm ET I’ll be sharing about the key ingredients to building an effective speaker marketing plan.



This month in SSS we learn how to become time generators with Mia LaMotte and learn why she chose to disrupt our relationship with time by using the triggering word, “Bitch”.

Mia is a personal brand expert, consultant, and speaker. With almost 25 years experience in Judicial Management, Mia decided her talents would best be used to encourage others to make their dream lives and careers a reality. And so this month in my private membership community Speak. Serve. Soar Speaker Academy, Mia will be helping you to create more time so that you can create the life you desire using her 7 step method.

As a member of the Speak. Serve. Soar. Academy, you get...

  • Your most pressing questions answered
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  • Accelerated implementation by learning from the professionals
  • The benefits of being connected with a creative, business-focused group
  • Discounts and savings on coaches programs and courses
  • Accountability and community 
  • Support and guidance 

Learn how to set boundaries with your time and start hitting your goals so you can become the business woman and speaker you desire to be!

Join right here.



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If you are an author, speaker, coach, activist or consultant who dreams of being an influencer and making a greater impact helping others to live their best lives, I’ve got options for you. I’m here to help you build the life and business of your dreams! 

Click here to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me.



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